Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Arriving in Arizona. . . . . .

Arriving in Tucson to bright sunshine, the drive south to the
 town of Sierra Vista certainly presented some very lovely vistas.
It's the desert though. It would have to do much more to entice me,
 an English gal from the land of cool, damp, rain, to stay very long! 
Family are here and have been for many years. 
We've been before but it has been some time, especially for me.
Thanksgiving Day will be special as there are several new 
family members to meet.

Giving thanks.
Hope you will be with your families and friends.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Mary! You probably know that it is not celebrated over here the same way as in your country, but my family still has many reasons to be grateful, what with my Dad back home with us and all that.

  2. I am sure that things have changed a great deal since I was there some 40 years ago. In fact, we left just about this time of year never to return exactly 40 years ago. Have a wonderful time! And what fun meeting new family members...wee ones or newly married ones? ☺️ 🍂Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Didn't know you ever lived out this way Vee! It's changed since I was last here, although I must say historic Bisbee where we visited yesterday, still seems to be in a time warp and is so interesting, especially the people!!!
    Yes, some marriages, and new grandchildren, in Bob's brothers's family!
    Happy Thanksgiving dear -

  4. Yes, that's how I feel about AZ and that area too. I enjoy it but wouldn't want to live there.

    MAry, I hope you are seeing and reading these comments to your old posts. Sorry, I've taken so long to get through them though. I did also want to say how sorry I am to learn on "another" death in your Uk family. Not sure who they were but each one represents another cord there tethered too so my heart goes out to you and your fam.


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