Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Eastgate Park is looking Autumnal. . . . . . .

. . . . . . at long last!  

We had almost given up on a colorful neighborhood walk this Fall.
 Nothing seemed to be changing in the canopy of dreary, shriveling green leaves,
 (other than a zillion acorns falling on the roof, the garden, our heads!), although
 we're well on our way into November. . . . . . . and December isn't far off, but
 don't let's go there quite yet!

So, after the Saturday hustle and bustle of an afternoon in the city, I insisted
 we take a Sunday mid-afternoon walk around our little neighborhood city park
 to celebrate the return to earlier dusk and darkness that comes with 'daylight
 saving time' . . . . . which, by the way, I love.
 Lighting candles earlier, cooking and dining with the garden clothed in deep blues 
outside the windows, brings a whole new feeling to these pre-winter days.

The pond was quite busy with Canada geese doing their usual thing - not much -
but soon came swimming toward us, hoping for food, which the signs say we
 cannot offer now.

"Sorry sweet children, we can no longer take a bag of snacks and have fun
 feeding the geese and ducks as we did in former generations". 

So, what are your thoughts on that? Are our toddlers poisoning the millions of 
geese who no longer fly back to Canada by tossing them a few stale bread crumbs?
Are childhood memories no longer going to include a fun pond visit on a sunny 
afternoon with mom and dad or the grandparents?

The quiet swimming of the birds did help in moving the still water and
presenting some lovely reflections of the trees

It was a warm afternoon requiring just a light sweater, plus good footwear 
to clamber through a section of woods which we hadn't visited before.
  Breathing in the fresh air Autumn air, peering up at the Carolina Blue sky,
I was grateful that Nature had once again come through with palette and
paintbrushes. In the noise and busyness of modern day life there are still
 some things we can rely on thank goodness.

If in the northern hemisphere, were you able to get out this past weekend
 and enjoy some colorful Autumn scenery? I hope so.


  1. Glorious Autumn with her rich golden hues!
    Your photos illustrate perfectly the beauty of this special season.
    I love Canada geese and years ago I saved a documentary on their long flights - I can’t remember the title but I watch it every so often and still get such a thrill at their unwavering determination to keep flying until they reach their destination.

    1. It always amazes how certain birds can fly such long distances Shane. How about the albatross down there in the Southern Ocean - take off on their first flight and don't return to land for 5 years when they are old enough to mate and start a family!

      An aside: Each day something catches my eye - even the tape on your package with the lovely kitchen towel is fascinating me! Figs and acorns! Perfection!
      Shane, you are so thoughtful and sweet.
      Thanks - Mary

  2. What a beautiful walk that was! I don’t know about not feeding the geese. We had a similar situation locally when we were no longer allowed to feed the seagulls. It took care of the problem, which was seagulls chasing folks around parking lots. 😆

    1. I've seen how those gulls can act at the shore - will actually come and whip your sandwich right out of your hands!
      Wish you could have been on our walk too Vee - it was so pretty.
      Mary -

  3. What gorgeous colours you captured on your walk. Feeding geese isn't encouraged here, either, and it does encourage them to eat more natural foods. Canada Geese are a bit of a nuisance around here, for some stay year round and don't migrate.
    We did get out on a walk this past weekend. I also walked a bit today and the air was crisp and energetic!

    1. Lorrie - can we send the geese home to Canada, haha? Glad you have good walking weather AND you have such a beautiful area to walk about - oh I must come back again some day!
      Love - Mary

  4. These are beautiful pictures, Mary - I am so glad you went on that walk and shared it with us! Autumn colours are simply the best, aren't they.
    It was a mixed bag here this past weekend, with grey skies but, sadly, still no rain. We went for a run and a walk, and it was cold enough outside for me to want to cook something in the oven. I made Quiche Lorraine on Saturday night and mixed roast vegetables on Sunday (Hokkaido pumpkin, spuds and carrots, spiced with ginger and thyme).

    1. . . . . . . .I'll go for those roast vegs Meike, they are "right up my alley" and I love that type of food. I roasted a pumpkin last weekend and we enjoyed wedges of it served over grains and spinach.
      Mary -

  5. Pretty photos Mary. Yes we have been out several different times to view the changing colors. We also can just sit in our home and look out the windows because we live in the woods :-)

  6. I want to live in the woods too Penny - lucky you!

  7. Hi Mary :) Beautiful photos. Autumn lasted maybe 2 weeks here and then we got snow. The darker nights make me tired and I lack energy. I'm looking forward to the light coming back! Though it is fun around Yule and Christmas!! We have signs everywhere here too "don't feed the ducks"...not really sure why. Is the village afraid of the ducks becoming too pushy? Not sure but if they were on my own property, I'd feed them!! :)

  8. Beautiful! It seems that a popular duck feeding area here in town actually sells duck food appropriate for the ducks. I know they say no bread, but it is fun for the kids to feed them. What lovely pictures, Mary!

  9. Those colourful reflections are so stunning. How spectacular indeed!


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