Saturday, November 10, 2018

Point Roberts - Living on the edge.

We are having computer problems.  
Seems both of our Macs how have aged out - both being almost 8 years old.
 Bob's desktop died last week but served him well with never a repair required.

My MacBook Air is experiencing death throes and hopefully will survive a bit
 longer - we're both using it now - while we await the delivery of new machines. 
You will know, if you've followed my blog for a while, the Air has traveled
 with me literally 'to the ends of the earth' (Antarctica), and to all seven 
continents, surviving thousands of air miles, rough seas, expedition ships,
 ocean liners, riverboats, African safaris, numerous islands scattered across
 the great oceans, and temperatures from below freezing to hotter than hell. 
 All ever needed to keep it going was a replacement battery about 18 months
 ago. We could possibly extend the lives of both machines with new hard drives
 and assorted hardware odds and ends, but neither would last long as they
 are now obsolete models. . . . . . . . .so we're treating ourselves to early
 Christmas presents this year.

I'm now moving most of my photos to portable storage to allow
 easier transfer of everything else from my old to new MacBook. 
Just writing this post is driving me crazy - things jumping, disappearing,
going haywire, mini crashes. So I'm just quickly sharing these photos
 I took whilst on a quick side trip to Point Roberts, Washington in late
 September prior to storing them away for posterity!

Point Roberts has an very unusual history, if interested you can read about it 
HERE. It's necessary to cross the international boundary between Canada and 
the United States to enter this tiny but scenic place where time seems to 
stand still.

Enjoy the weekend.


  1. Beautiful Mary. Glad to know what to watch out for.

  2. Beautiful photos. Best of luck changing out your computers to new ones....xo

  3. I think that both of your computers have served you well Mary .... you have definitely had your money's worth out of them !!!!
    Beautiful photographs as always. XXXX

  4. Hello Mary,
    I've never been to Point Roberts, but I must have seen it, because I think your second picture shows the road to the ferry terminal in the background.
    All the technology we have is wonderful, but I really dislike the way phones and computers become obsolete so quickly. It's such a waste, I think. Surely those smart engineers could create something that would last. But alas, I fear that built in obsolescence is the flavour of the century.

  5. I’m always drawn to anywhere on the coast so Point Roberts appeals to me!
    Beautiful scenery and I can see a very large building in the background - it looks like a hotel - did you spend the night there Mary.

    I’ve had laptop problems recently too and I forked out $500 to get it going again.
    On reflection I should have put that towards a new one!
    All my photos etc are on my external hard drive, so if it happens again I will bite the bullet I suppose.
    Nothing is made to last anymore - a short life expectation and we’re advised to upgrade.....
    The computer and IT businesses are on a win/win and we poor consumers have no option but to upgrade every few years!
    That’s our “throwaway society” for you!
    Food for thought - my word!

  6. Mary, good luck with your transitations. Love / hate relationship with technology for me.
    I have a friend who lives in Point Roberts, so I'm familiar with this unusual US town. I've not visited though.
    Glad you got to experience it. Happy November!

  7. A set of somehow melancholical pictures, beautiful in that particular light and colours. I hope your new Macs will prove to be as reliable as the old ones! OK replaced his old iMac with the latest MacBook only two or three weeks ago.

  8. Nothing like the fear of an imminent computer crash to get the heart racing. Glad that you have portable storage or an exterior hard drive. That alone will keep you busy. Also glad that Christmas will come early, ☺️ It’s impossible to be without a computer.

    That location looks desolate and strangely calming. Is that Lorrie country?

  9. What a beautiful place. It really looks like time has stood still there.

  10. I have not visited Pt. Reyes, but it looks beautiful. Ahhhh! computer issues and new computers. I do not like all of that, it just plain isn't fun.

  11. Dear Mary,
    I'm sorry about your computer problems. You are wise to have invested time and money in getting another hard drive.
    I love your beautiful and calming photos.

  12. That whole area is just utterly stunning. If price was no object, I think I;d like to live in the Puget sound more than anywhere else in America. I love it there.

    You were right to get new computers than bandaid fixing them, but you certainly got your money's worth with the last model. Who knows where this newer one will go with you in future travels!


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