Friday, November 8, 2019

Casablanca, Morocco Part II -

October 8, 2019
Arrive  7:00 AM
Sunrise 7:30 AM
Temp. 82F

Casablanca, meaning 'white house', is a main port and capital of the Greater 
Casablanca region of Morocco, a country situated to the far west of North Africa, 
and settled in the 7th century by Berbers. Rabat is Morocco's capital.

The Kingdom of Morocco has a total population of over 33 million people. 
The sea is the natural border in the North and West, with deserts and mountains
 being the boundary to Algeria in the South and East. It has a long coastline on the
 Atlantic Ocean reaching past the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean Sea. 
The border to the south is disputed and Morocco claims ownership of 
Western Sahara (which we also visited) and has administered most of the 
territory since1975.

Following clearance by the Moroccan authorities we headed ashore in this
 bustling port and boarded our bus for the morning tour. First, and most impressive
 stop, was at busy Mohamed V Square with a visit into the Hassan II Mosque. 
This is the largest religious monument in the world after Mecca. 

It took 3300 traditional Moroccan artisans to create the beautiful
mosaics, marble floors and splendid wood ceilings. The mosque also has
 the world's tallest minaret soaring 200 metres above the city.

Visited several other notable places, including the Medina, olive market and souk, 
where the usual hawkers, craftsmen etc. were selling just about anything imaginable,
 the food being the most colorful and fragrant.  
Biggest disappointment for us was our own planned visit to Rick's Cafe & Bar! 
A reproduction of the famous 'location' (which was actually a Hollywood set - in
 the fabulous classic movie CASABLANCA, starring Humphrey Bogart 
and Ingrid Bergman) is there, however it closed during the afternoon, 
not reopening until we were sailing away on the evening tide!   

Next port of call - Safi, Morocco for Essaouira. I loved it and think it was my
favorite stop on the cruise.


  1. The mosque must be so impressive, not only for its largeness but also for its art and architecture. I didn't know it has the highest minaret in the world.

  2. That architecture is delightful, so graceful. I spent my junior year in college in Istanbul and when I returned to the states it had inspired me to write my senior thesis on "The History of the Development of the Mosque."

  3. Wow, what an abundant, lavish display of intricate beauty, from that amazing mosque, to the heart-shaped cookie and the design on that lovely glass tea/coffee mug. Overwhelming! I can only imagine how wonderful it was to be in the midst of all that in person.

  4. You can't help but be happy when surrounded by such glorious architecture and design, and it is little wonder that so much of it is now much admired worldwide. I always love to visit markets in different countries but there is something very special and exotic about visiting an eastern one - the vibrant colours, the banter, and the wonderful flavours and smells.

  5. How odd for an establishment to be closed in the afternoon...must be a cultural thing. Sorry that you missed out on Rick’s. A colorful, vibrant community you have shared...

  6. What beautiful patterns in the Mosque. I likened some of them to lacy fabrics.

  7. Everything is so beautiful, intricate and exotic!

  8. The colors are stunning. The mosque is gorgeous! Sorry you missed the one adventure you were looking forward to.

  9. Aww too bad you missed the café but what a lovely place to see. The lattice relief work on the overhangs are simply stunning. Wow.


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