Saturday, November 30, 2019

Atlantic Ocean in November ---------

Beautiful afternoon on our arrival yesterday.
Cool but calm with lots of sunshine.
Carolina Beach was quite busy. . . . . . mostly walkers
 at this time of year!

Note the cloud bank on the horizon - hopefully my waves to my UK family and
friends were visible, or at least felt!

Pleasure Island Marina
A few brave surfers!

Later in the evening we enjoyed dinner, a walk, and the annual town Christmas
 tree lighting - a really good day here on the coast.


  1. It does look like a perfectly gorgeous day. How good to get to the ocean and I am sure that your family across the way felt the love. Do they read your blog?

  2. It could almost be a Cornish seascape!

  3. How beautiful! Son Carl and I arrive in RDU on 2/2. Looking forward to exploring and to experiencing NC during winter .... before considering a cross country move.

  4. Beautiful! There is nothing like the fresh air by the sea to get a clear head and walk up a healthy appetite, is there.

  5. What a lovely relaxed way for you both to spend the last days of November - hope you have now returned home feeling ready for December.

  6. It looks very pretty and relaxing.


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