Friday, November 15, 2019

Let them eat Autumn cake. . . . . . .but pasta first!

In the blink of an eye things changed. . . . . . .Autumn arrived this week
and I almost missed it! 
 Medical appointments led to a major medical procedure yesterday - all is well
 thankfully. This morning after my first full night of sound sleep in almost a week, 
I awoke to a cold soaking rain, the leaden sky sunless and threatening, fallen
 leaves - the fig tree now almost bare - and a little voice telling me I can eat real
 food again after a five day liquid diet and a 6 lb. weight loss due to it!

 Autumn and Winter are my favorite seasons to cook. . . . . and eat!
Last week the jar of pasta sauce caught my eye in HomeGoods - 
Pemberton being my mother's family name, her father bringing it to England
 from his birthplace in Canada.  A name far from sounding Italian,
however this delicious sauce is as Italian as pasta sauces come, and actually
 came from a gourmet food company in the New England state of Maine!

I tell you, the world is really getting to be a small place in more ways than one.


  1. Dear Mary - I am sorry to learn that you have had a major medical procedure but happy to know that you had a positive outcome - I am a great one for having sleepless nights too when I have things on my mind. I too like Puttanesca tomato sauce on my pasta - quick, easy, and very tasty tooX

  2. Glad to hear you have recovered! Pasta and sauce are the perfect fall combination!

  3. Goodness, it sounds as if you’ve been through the wringer. I am glad that you are safely past that and can eat once again. Pemberton’s pasta sauce is new to me, but what intriguing connections. What province was your granddad from? Anyway, I have been thinking about making spaghetti in the instant pot...if only I could eat a big plate full. 🍝

  4. Mary, so sorry to hear you have not been well. All best wishes for you to feel eally better soon. Take care.

  5. I have seen this pasta sauce at Home Goods and been tempted. Now I do believe I need some in my cupboard and then in my tummy. Hope you are feeling better and healing nicely.

  6. Oh Mary, I'm sorry to hear that you had a medical emergency, but so relieved that all is well. I didn't know that your grandfather was Canadian, or British/Canadian. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Yes he was born in Nova Scotia (we think from ancestry searches), however lived mostly in Toronto prior to joining the army and going to Africa during the second Boer War. From there he went to London and became a member of the Coldstream Guards. He never returned to live in Canada but visited a couple of times to meet up with his brothers in Banff, according to my mother.

  7. Good to know you are better, dear Mary! Enjoy all,the lovely food you are making, I know I will - I am determined to spend quite a lot of time in my kitchen this weekend, and I have started last night by making a rather nice tomato soup with cream and freshly baked rolls.

  8. Hi Mary :) Six days on a liquid diet, I can relate...I was so relieved when I could eat solids again after my dental nightmare last month!! :) I love pasta puttanesca, I make a nice easy one and it's always a hit with linguine!

  9. I am so sorry to hear you haven't been well and had to have a major medical procedure. Will be keeping you in my prayers.

    I have a jar of gourmet puttanesca sauce in my pantry. Need to try it soon!

  10. Dear Mary, I am sorry to hear of the medical procedure - such things do set us back, but I am glad all is well. That pasta sauce sounds good - I wonder if it has found its way to Australia yet!

  11. Sorry to hear you had to have a major procedure. Hope you're feeling better.

  12. Major medical procedures are no fun; I'm very happy to hear all is well now. Pasta definitely qualifies as "real" food, and so satisfying too.

  13. Oh Mary,
    So sorry to hear that you’ve had ‘ a bit of trouble ‘ but good to hear you are on the mend. I’m sure that you will be back to 100% soon.
    You had me at pasta 🤣 XXXX


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