Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Western Sahara city of Laayoune ------------

October 12, 2019
El Marsa for LAAYOUNE, Western Sahara
Arrive:   8:00 AM
Sunrise: 7:50 AM
Temp.  84F

 Laayoune, Western Sahara lies in a sparsely populated area of desert on the
 northwest coast of Africa.
 A former Spanish colony established in the 1930's it was annexed by Morocco in 1975. 
Since then it has been the subject of a long-running territorial dispute between
 Morocco and its indigenous Saharawi people.
After decades of upheaval, peace has returned to the city with UN Peacekeeping
 Forces situated there. Now the city is cleaner, commerce is expanding, and 
restaurants, street cafes, financial institutions, souvenir and handicraft shops are
 tailored to take care of everyone's needs, and tourism is growing.

On the road to Laayoune -

By 8:30 AM, following clearance procedure for the ship, a forty-five minute drive
 by bus took us from the port along the desert roads and through dunes to the city. 
First stop was the Animal Market, quite impressive, with a blend of old and new
buildings and outdoor pens full of camels, goats and sheep, all looked well cared for thankfully!

After driving past the huge salmon pink Grand Mosque - no entry to
 non-Muslims - we stopped at the Parador Hotel for refreshments. 
 I absolutely loved the tiled courtyard and spent most of my time walking
 about taking photos of the ground!

'Spanish Town' with Rounded Houses.

Our group, Paula, Bob, Rob and Kim enjoying ice cream late afternoon on
 the Lido Deck prior to the 'sail away' for Dakhla, Western Sahara that evening. . . . . 
. . . . . . a distance of 275 nautical miles.


  1. The tiles are beautiful. The Dutch tile seems a bit out of place, but then what do I know?!

    I’m really here looking for marmalade. My sister-in-law (a nursing home resident) has requested biscuits and “good” marmalade. I have no idea what that might be, but then thought of you.

    1. Yes, the blue Dutch Delft tile was a big surprise!

      My favorite marmalades are Scottish/English - Keiller, Robertson's and Duerr's - Seville oranges, less sweet, thicker peel.
      Chk your groceries International Sections - World Market usually carries Duerr's.

  2. Those round houses were something! The tiles beautiful.

  3. How I would love visiting there. The tiles are indeed beautiful and I would be looking down too. The pictures of the people are beautiful too.

  4. The sand dunes are my favourite of this set of pictures, or maybe the family - the little boy with what I guess are his grandparents. The tiles are great, too; like Vee above in her comment, I noticed the Delft tile among the Spanish ones - I love such quirks!

  5. Dear Mary, I love all of your beautiful photos. How did that Delft Tile get all the way to Morocco?

  6. The colours are so intense and I can almost (with envy) feel the heat. Those sand dunes are amazing, as are the tiles. So many interesting things to see.

  7. So many exotic sights on your travels, Mary! Thank you for capturing them for us so beautifully.

  8. Beautiful photos!! You have very expressive hands ~~~~~

  9. Oooh that tile is so pretty! no wonder you looked at the ground a lot. So, how was the camel's milk? My sons said it's pretty good but not sure about that. :)


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