Friday, November 22, 2019

Special Bread - - - - - - -

Wow!  I have a personal baker

His name is Alex. He's young, smart, has his own real business - well
 actually two - and makes time for a fabulous hobby. . . . . . . . . .baking 
excellent sourdough bread to order. He doesn't use the somewhat strong 
flavor of straight lactic acid as in many store-bought loaves, his bread has a 
much more subtle flavor produced by many days of starter prep apparently.
In other words, the good, old fashioned way.

This is the loaf he baked for me - see the M - this week. We picked it up
 at his little apartment kitchen, while it was cooling fresh from the oven.
It was delicious the day baked (I couldn't wait to get home and cut
a slice), and makes wonderful crunchy toast for Irish butter and my
 favorite thick-cut Scottish marmalade breakfast.

I won't be ordering weekly as it's a large 1kg boule (he can make two smaller
ones though), but will definitely want more after Thanksgiving if I cut back
 on the pecan, pumpkin and apple pies. . . . . . but I really prefer just
good bread, and Alex's is great!!!


  1. I love bread. And homemade is so much better. Freezes well in slices and then can be toasted. Yummy!

  2. Alex is an artist ! Looks delicious Mary. XXXX

  3. Yum! I have tried cutting a boule in hald and freezing half, and it does work.

  4. That looks yummy! I need to start making bread again.

  5. What a beautiful loaf of bread! My mom makes homemade sourdough bread the old-fashioned way, too. She gives hers away to neighbors (and keeps some for herself, of course). Too bad you weren't her neighbor! ;-)

  6. Your toast and marmalade look delicious. How nice to have your own baker!

  7. What beautiful bread! I love sough dough, and sure wish I could pick up a loaf like this. And with delicious marmalade: Perfection!! x

  8. Nothing like good, freshly baked bread with a bit of butter! Having your own personal baker sounds rather posh :-)

  9. Dear Mary,
    Does Alex ship? His bread looks fantastic. Baking good bread is a real art. Alex has it figured out?
    How is your shoulder?

    1. I doubt it Gina - he's just doing a few loaves each weekend for local friends and neighbors, but I will ask him next time I order!
      Hope you are staying warm - I see snow in your future! Thinking of you, and will especially this coming Monday when you have a special birthday.
      Sending loads of love XX

      P.S. Holding off on any rotator cuff surgery despite it being a severe tear - had another shot in a different area to see if that helps!

  10. Oh that's pretty cool, I love the "M"!! Looks so delicious, I think I will bake some bread this morning! :)

  11. Personalized bread! Wow, what a find. So delicious looking.

  12. That bread sounds oh so good. I can almost imagine the fragrance. Yummm!

  13. My son bakes bread ... forwarding this post to him!

  14. Oh, that sounds and looks so good! To know a baker such as him is a true treasure. I have always dreamt how wonderful it would be to have one of those bakers from the old GBBO* shows as a neighbour! Can you imagine?! They all seem so nice too.

    *Speaking of which, we've tried to watch the newer shows, but I just really can't stand the fake adn atrocious humour between the two narrators, nor do I terribly like "Sandy, I think her name is. The goth chap is actually quite funny if left to his own whims on the fly but the canned humour is actually so juvenile it's embarrassing! I wonder if you agree or not?


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