Monday, December 2, 2019

Carolina Beach Sunrise -

Saturday morning. . . . . . . and I'd set my alarm for 6:45 AM to be up for the sunrise.  
Not quite as beautiful as some other visits here over the years as clouds were
 expected for most of that day. 
Sunrise is always a special few minutes though, and looking out from the balcony
 across the ocean I was able to get some photos of Nature's early morning 
grandeur. . . . . .and the early people who walk dogs, run, or just stand along the
 shore in the morning sunlight.

 Shrimp boats were spotted both in the evening and again at dawn.
We could see their lights at night so guessing they fish all night.

Brown pelicans out in search of fish - and we were soon off to enjoy our breakfast!


  1. What a gorgeous sunrise! I do so love the Ocean! and sunrises! You have a wonderful week, friend. Sending you a hug.

  2. Beautiful seaside pictures. The dawn was stunning. Of course, I am hoping that you also took photos of breakfast.

  3. Beautiful photos, Mary. The low sun shining through the clouds and ready to rise for the day is gorgeous!

  4. IT looks beautiful! I hope that you enjoyed your time at the beach.

  5. Those sunrise pictures are breathtakingly beautiful!

  6. Ahhh... beautiful! The waves, boats and sunrays breaking out of the clouds like that alwasy makes me think of my mother who loved loved loved the ocean far more than I ever did.


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