Thursday, December 19, 2019

My Santa!

We shopped a little in Asheville today. 
The sun was brilliant all day and there was no wind. 
Although the temperature hovered around freezing, with a cashmere
 sweater, one of my knitted cowls snug around my neck, my warm Zara coat,
 and fleece-lined gloves, it was a perfect winter day to walk the hills of this 
lovely mountain town.

We headed to TOPS for Shoes, the awesome Asheville shoe shop. 
They have such beautiful shoes and the best customer service ever.
Here, carrying bags containing my Christmas gifts, is my personal Santa (Bob).
TOPS were having one of their famous 'Penny Sales' where you buy one pair of
 clearance priced shoes and get a second pair for just one cent, 
yes that's 1 cent. . . . . . . .and the lovely gift wrap was free!  

Does this mean I've been nice rather than naughty?


  1. I wonder how they can afford this - but it sounds like a marvellous opportunity when you find two pairs of shoes you like the same and can not decide on one!
    Bob is without scarf or gloves... why is it that men so often feel the cold less than women?

  2. Actually he did have a scarf and gloves, however, in this historic indoor shopping arcade, he took them off and tucked them in the shopping bag! True though, they don't seem to feel the cold as we do - I even had a thin layer under my sweater as I find the older I get the more I feel temperature change, especially the cold in winter.
    The shoes I bought - one pair is actually a bootie - are a very expensive brand I would never buy at full price! This sale is awesome - the reg. price is marked down a lot, then the 'buy one pair get one pair for 1 cent' means you can save A LOT of money!!!
    Are you ready for Christmas Meike?
    Mary x

  3. Of course! That’s exactly what it means. Your Santa is looking most dapper; I don’t think a red suit would improve the look. Merry on!

    1. Vee, I love that statement "Merry On". We did just that during a visit with Penny and 'Mr. Comforts'. A great lunch and then a visit to their beautiful home - and I did hug Penny for you as requested!
      I've been so lucky meeting many blog friends over the years - Penny and I go back a long time - and all have been delightful.

  4. What a wonderful bargain Mary! I love new shoes, but we are short of good shoe shops here sadly.
    Wishing you a very 'merry' Christmas!

  5. What fun! I love visiting Asheville and find it to be a nice little getaway. Must say I have not heard of TOPS or their fabulous sale. Do you know if they have a website? Might have to plan a trip around one of their sales :). Wishing you and your handsome Santa a very happy holiday season.

  6. How nice to have a good looking santa to carry your bags for you!! Merry Christmas

  7. Yes, I would say you have been nice! How wonderful to get new shoes. I love, love when I get new shoes. I need to head to the Nike store for some new sneakers, mine are wearing out. I would love some new short boots for winter too. I wonder if I have been naughty or nice.

  8. I'm sure you've been a very nice girl, Mary! I love the gift wrap on the boxes.

  9. Hello Bob! You're looking well, and the Santa role suits you! So glad you were able to take advantage of the great deal, Mary. Have a most merry weekend!

  10. Of course you have been nice! What a pretty little place, and that is my kind of shoe shop, with such good bargains. The parcels look gorgeous, and your Santa looks very nice too :) xx

  11. Dear Mary, Great Photo of Bob. He does not look too unhappy about your spending spree.

  12. What a bargain ....... and a personal Santa to boot ! XXXX

  13. I love the idea of a penny sale. We don't get anything like that around here.

  14. That's nice Mary! Happy Holidays!! :)

  15. I suspect, dear Mary, that you must surely have a little bit of naughty there. I mean, any time you have an extra dollop of Brie or another mince pie when you know one really should stop or what have you. And I'm quite sure that Bob rather enjoy that too. Yes, your Santa is definitely merry and worthy of the title.

    Asheville is surely on my US bucket list! Maybe one day we can meet there? Thinking of you this Christmastide.


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