Thursday, December 5, 2019

City of Oaks -

Returning from the coast in showers and intermittent sunshine, we knew the garden
 would be saturated as heavy rain had fallen over the weekend here at home. 
 Just over a two hour drive to the coast it's always surprising that the weather can
 be so different.
The back garden looked like this on Sunday evening when we arrived back
 just prior to sunset.

Leaves are falling non-stop now. Rakes and tarpaulins are at the ready
 to get them to the curb before the city truck arrives to suck 'em up!

RALEIGH 'City of Oaks' - beautiful, but such a lot of work as winter arrives.

I've done hardly anything yet to prepare for Christmas and really need 
to "get my skates on" as my dear mother always said.


  1. I love the way the sun was shining on those trees with the dark clouds behind!

  2. Yummm, trips to World Market can be delicious. It looks like you found some special treats. Oh yes, the leaves! Most of our leaves have been put in the garden to compost. Oh I do love oak trees, not many of those around here.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Aren't trees truly wonderful, no matter the season or the weather?
    Like you, I need to get my skates on, too - not one single card has been written or one parcel wrapped yet.

  4. Beautiful photos of your garden! It looks to me as if you are well on the way to getting ready for the is very important for a Christmas celebration. Have a great day Mary.

  5. Ooh, why on earth didn't I think of World Market for Christmas pudd?! A little farther away makes it out of sight.


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