Thursday, December 12, 2019

Morning light in December -

The sunshine is brilliant but the temperature very low this morning. 
Our coldest night and morning yet this season.
At last it feels like Christmas weather.
Warm socks pulled up around my ankles feel good, and the
 coffee mug warms my hands now starting to feel dry from 
winter's chill. Time for gloves.

Piano music from Brian Cain's album 'A Change of Seasons' is playing softly. 
I admit being obsessed by his beautiful music.
There are many birds at the feeders, some also braving the water
 in yet to freeze birdbaths, tough little feathered friends.
Yesterday I completed my decorating for the holidays.
Lights were turned on.
The tree in the gazebo glittered last evening, the cottage and porch
 glowed warmly from the floodlit front garden. I wandered down to the
street to look back and enjoy the view.
The night was silent and still as cold nights can be.

Later today some shopping for holiday baking items.
Soon a trip westward to the mountains with visits to special friends.
Wrapping and more card writing. 
Deliver gifts to some special little ones.
House cleaning, ugh!  
Cooking plans and such written on refrigerator notepad.
Pick up fresh greens for the mantel.
Make mince pies + brandy butter for them on Christmas Eve.
Prepare my English trifle dessert for San Antonio friends who will 
make a quick holiday stop.
The list grows. . . . . . . .the holiday season always busy.
Thoughts of childhood Christmases so long ago, so far away.

I feel the spirit of Christmas.


  1. Just lovely, Mary. I looked up Brian Cain on Spotify and downloaded an album, although I couldn't find the one you mentioned. I do love piano music.
    Yes, we all have long lists these days, and it's important to take the time to enjoy the moments as they come. Candles were lit this morning as I looked at the drizzle outside. Now it's time to get to doing!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. You have your plans all laid out. I wish i was so disciplined! and organized. Alas, not so... but I'm getting there more like the turtle rather than the hare.

  3. I am heading out soon to the grocery store to stock up. We heard we might have freezing rain tonight and tomorrow....see you soon!

  4. Beautiful post, Mary. How I love your photos. Just reading your list made me go back in time to simpler Christmases; just as busy but the foods being a top priority. I will be making my pineapple salad and pumpkin pies for our dinner and my sister provides all the home-baked cookies and squares. Oh, the calories. lol
    Enjoy these days of December. Sending love...

  5. I enjoyed reading the story of your day as you moved on through it and even told of future plans. Lovely and restful...

  6. Sounds wonderful. I miss being able to send cards and mail. The postal system here is the pits. And holidays just aren't the same with the kids away and friends who have moved out of country. I will do a little decorating next week. And some baking soon. A friend will be visiting from India so need to make some things and put together a gift package for her. Listening to Christmas music always makes me cheerful. Have a good day.

  7. Another trip coming up for you - you never stop home very long, do you :-)
    It all sounds like you shall be pleasantly busy, but very busy. I hope you'll have enough energy left to actually enjoy Christmas.

  8. Warm socks, gloves and mug sounds cosy indeed, and just right for Christmas. I like reading your list, very similar to mine but on the opposite side of the world in very hot weather. However, the Spirit of Christmas shines wherever we are. xx

  9. Your holiday preparations sound wonderful. Baking, cooking and decorating, along with time spent with family and friends are my favorite parts of the Christmas season. Enjoy!

  10. Your Christmas thoughts and mince pie all sound lovely. I haven't heard of the music, so must go check it out.

  11. If/whenever we ever get to go to NC, even if summer, may I request a bit of your English trifle? :)

    Ok, I've taken note of Brian Cain's album 'A Change of Seasons' and plan to listen to it now on Spotify!


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