Saturday, December 14, 2019

December means Christmas -

Eugéne Samuel Grasset (Swiss 1845-1917)
Color Wood Engraving from his portfolio Les Mois -1895

This has always been one of my favorite depictions of December as
 Christmas approaches - snow, hellebores, wind, a red dress and warm wrap, 
and a huge bunch of mistletoe.

This is the week I committed to nothing but Christmas decorating, indoor 
and outdoor. It's completed and I'm happy.

Well we did also manage to squeeze in a most enjoyable dinner date with friends 
(at that great Greek restaurant we recently discovered out of town) to celebrate
the season. . . . .and some shopping for gifts and holiday foods. . . . .also a great
Christmas concert. . . . . . and I wrote a lot of cards with more to do today.
I also blogged of course!

Yesterday's chilly, dreary weather with non-stop rain - still falling this morning -
made the kitchen a good place to be. I roasted squash - kuri and acorn -
made tomato basil soup, and even the famous 'best ever' apple pie - recipe
from my special friend Penny whom we'll be visiting in the mountains next week!

The list was long - a lot was done.

How are you doing with your Christmas preparations?


  1. Glad you still love that pie! I love the picture of the deer with the deer pillow behind it! See you soon!

  2. I think I am about done with everything except a couple gift cards to buy. I am leaving on a bus tour early Monday morning... be gone til Thursday. So, that put a rush on me getting things done around here. Be checking on you when I get back. Happy Holidays.

  3. I'm done with everything except wrapping. And that's only a few presents, so it won't take long. I don't send out many cards - I think there were only about 12 this year. But I got those sent this morning. I went to a Christmas party last weekend and have two this week! Busy time of year.

    Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  4. Almost done Mary. Cards posted, and many of the presents wrapped....getting ther!

  5. So excited about your visit with Penny in the mountains next week. I am meeting a blogging turned real life friend next week and I’m excited about it.

    Your week sounded extra productive! And fun. Glad that you have accomplished so much, including baking. I need a tonic or something. This rainy weather has me feeling like a slug. 🐌

  6. I love your Christmas decor! The pillow with the deer is beautiful.

  7. Mary, that pie looks tasty! I'm almost done decorating. Could do more, but perhaps I'll just leave it be. Have a fun time in the mountains. Tell Penny I say hi!
    Merry Christmas!

  8. That calendar picture is beautiful! I must remember to wear my red winter dress more often.
    I won't do much more decorating than the little I have already done; my favourite ornaments are up, and cards are arriving to adorn the sideboard in my living room.
    Last Monday posted my packages to the family in Yorkshire and the 19 Christmas cards I wrote this year and spent 36 Euros on stamps - that was the moment when I felt that I was getting on track with my preparations again.
    Now what is left for me is wrapping the gifts for family and friends whom I will see on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
    Your food sounds great as always!

  9. Beautiful decoration on the scatter cushion, Mary. I trust you're well. Jo (South Africa)

  10. Love the print and your pie looks most wonderful. It does sound like you have been busy. I was exhausted after entertaining the past few days; so now get to relax and just enjoy. Tea with an old friend today and dinner with friends tomorrow, than a concert later in the week and building a gingerbread house with our D on Saturday. Packages are wrapped, just one gift certificate to buy. Baking is done except for the stollen on Christmas morning. No cooking on Christmas day, but out along the river for a buffet dinner. So all good! Thanks for the lovely card, oh how I love cardinals!!

  11. How was the pie?

    That truly is such a lovely engraving, isn't it?

    Whilst we didn't actually get any snow xmas day, we did have a little 1" flurry a few days prior then about a month prior, a whopping 24" that even the Colorado sunshine hasn't been able to entirely melt to this day, Jan 1st, so it certainly felt Christmassey.

    For the fest itself, we actually did nothing on Christmas Day. The "kids" have other family to visit so we reserved Boxing Day this year. All went well, save for the fact that everyone was falling asleep from too many festivities the day(s) prior! So, it did rather feel like we got the dregs as it were! Nevertheless, all left happy and content and we loved having the grandchildren around too who are just adorable at 3 years old. Having a little kids tent set up with Christmas lights helped too. So much wonder and magic there for them, filled with some books we got and a few stuffed toys. :)


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