Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Christmas around the house -

Decorating underway - nothing new added except traditional English crackers
 to pull Christmas Eve. Greenery will be added to the mantel in about a week
Just the usual much-loved objects. Some in the same place, others moved 
about displayed in fresh vignettes.
I still have to decorate the tree outside in the gazebo - later today when it
warms up a bit - and Bob will connect the floodlights to give the cottage
a little glow to warm the dark nights ahead.

Christmas is coming. Just 14 days to go!


  1. Can you believe it is so close? Another year to honor the day. Your collage is beautiful and I enjoyed looking closely at each item. The blue transferware platter is lovely and the trees fashioned from ? on the bottom is delightful. Makes me feel like trying to make one if I could figure it out.

    1. I made them two Christmases ago! Vintage music sheets cut in different size squares, wooden dowels, flower pots stuffed with piece of Styrofoam - can't go wrong and they do look cute - added some glitter along some edges for sparkle!
      Mary -

      Here's a close up -

  2. You have some lovely Christmas things! The squirrels on the book shelf are my favourite.
    This year, I have taken longer than usual with all my preparations, but on Monday, I posted my cards and parcels and feel much more ready now.

  3. Always lovely to see your Christmas decor Mary. Everything looks just perfect and I enjoyed your photos very much. The angel at the end looks really interesting, perhaps an antique? The silver trumpet is very festive and beautifully accompanies your sweet Nativity scene. Sadly, the 'reason for the season' seems to be disappearing in Australia, with angels and the Nativity rarely seen in public places this year. Snow scenes, elves and deer seem to be everywhere!

  4. What a pretty collage of your Christmas! Looking forward to seeing you both soon.

  5. It all looks so magical there. Who did you get to pull the crackers with? We did that on Boxing Day with the kids who always love that tradition. It was particularly fun as my son, Michal's Saudi girlfreind had never done that before, not had my youngest son's wife!


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