Wednesday, July 15, 2020

There's still some good in life -

Yes, these days are tough to say the least.
Seeking out little niceties and unexpected surprises
 are often required to bring a smile to the face, 
a warm feeling in the heart . . . . . . . . . and a giggle
 which is always so good for general wellbeing.

Sitting here at the dining room table a movement on the porch caught my eye. 
It's already hot and will become much hotter as the day rolls on.  
This little guy is preparing for another scorcher with a lengthy guzzle from the
 fountain (which by the way no long founts but makes a good bird bath!).
 I grabbed my phone a managed a few shots.

Notice how plump he is - I smiled.
A long drink warmed my heart as it cooled his thirst -  
and just look at his funny back legs position, 
I truly giggled out loud when I saw that!

Quarantined, locked down (or up!), self-distanced . . . .  
. . . call these crazy days, which have now become
 months, difficult, different, whatever. 
We can't give up.
Perhaps no longer the best life, but still we should 
try to make it a good life.

My dear blog friend Elizabeth says it all so
 well in today's post on her always fabulous blog -

Read her great post then go enjoy all the lovely things
 she shares such as food, recipes, fashion, books, and
 so much more. 


  1. I agree with you Mary. Yesterday I watched a huge wild turkey sitting on the peak of my detached garage. He looked out of place up there but comfortable. We need to find joy and things to be grateful for everyday. I know, that me keeps me going.

  2. Yes, we can still have the good life and find joy in many things. Sending air hugs!

  3. How sweet! And how brilliant that you had your camera ready, mine is always somewehre else!

  4. Dear Mary - those little legs are so cute, he has almost turned into a contortionist in order to fill himself up with your cooling water.
    I have read Elizabeth's post, and what she writes sound really depressing. However, the States must surely be about to reach its peak very soon. The main problems that has recently been realised here is the number of asymptomatic people that are wandering around. They have the virus and can pass on. However, as they have no symptoms whatsoever, they are completely unaware that they have it. That is a good as reason as any for everyone to wear a mask particularly indoors or if near to others.
    We will get through this, we must, we have to keep faith that sooner rather than later a vaccine will be found.
    Take care Mary & Bob💚

  5. Stunning photographs. I'm giggling at the squirrel too. I know they are considered a nuisance but I do like them, they are so very clever.

  6. Though sometimes I don't like all the squirrels in my yard and at my bird feeder they do pose in comical positions at times. Sometimes they try so hard and end up sliding down our feeder pole. It is funny to see them stretch and try to stop the slide. It is a crazy time for sure and we must find the smiles where we can.

  7. Hi Mary, such lovely photos! The squirrel photo is hilarious.

    I have not read your friend's post yet but I will do so now. Hang in there, try to remain positive. I take one day at a time and try not to worry too much about the future.


  8. I love your squirrel photo! So sweet, we have to cherish the little moments during these uncertain times. Take care of yourself, stay cool and enjoy the quiet times.

  9. What's the sense of fashion these days? Just when I got sprung to do my own shopping, I'm right back at having the kids do the shopping. This is definitely NOT our best life, but there is no sense in railing against it. Your little squirrel's first position is definitely giggle worthy. 🩰

  10. Funny (and beautiful!) pictures, thank you for sharing these!
    I must admit I have not found anything about the whole corona situation overly hard or difficult so far - I have always had work, none of my clients have stopped or withdrawn their contracts with me, I have been able to buy any food or other items I needed or wanted, I have been out walking maybe even more than before, my family and friends are all still (relatively) healthy - so, not really hard at all, as compared to so many others who have been struggling in cramped quarters with little money and fearing for their future.
    A few slightly annoying things such as wearing a face mask on public transport and in shops, not hugging my parents... that's about as far as it gets for me in terms of hardship. I know how fortunate I am, and am grateful for it, as I know you are, too.

  11. Love your photos and your sense of humour in all this. That squirrel is adorable to see. Wishing you grace for the day. Brenda xox

  12. Difficult and uncertain times indeed. Trying to stay positive and motivated takes work. Your photos are gorgeous. Love watching the antics of squirrels (unfortunately don't have any around here). Take care.

  13. Dear Mary,
    Your visitor is a cheeky little fellow...showing you his backside. Love your new header. Times are not easy right now. However, I think that our scientists are getting closer to a vaccine which will combat this ugly virus.

  14. I just read your friends post and thought it was filled with all the fear the media wants us to feel and believe. This virus is political and will end after the election. I just can't be another sheep and believe everything they are trying to get us to believe. The death rate isn't correct. I know because my friend lost her son in a car accident. They got the death certificate which said Cause of Death Covid! They called the hospital to tell them that they made a mistake. The hospital told them that the State of MI said to do that. It seems that states get a check for each Covid death from the federal government. I'm so angry that they are pushing all this fear. I don't know anyone who has died from this virus, except those poor people in nursing homes. Shame on them!

  15. what a beautiful picture of the bee on hydrangea and of the glass artwork, you have an eye for calm and beauty.


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