Sunday, January 3, 2021

Packing up Christmas . . . . and the loss of a blog friend.

 I have to admit the 'taking down' is taking much longer than planned!
Perhaps if I'd had warm, sunny weather I could have been outside
removing lights, garland etc., and the decorated Christmas tree
 in the gazebo. Instead, I spent much of my time at the windows
 taking numerous photos of the many beautiful birds at the feeders,
 flying in non-stop during this miserable weather. 
They included a first, 6 Eastern bluebirds at one time, definitely a family. 
I'll post some photos another time.

Most of the indoor holiday decor is down and packed away now.
I did edit a little as I have just too many things for this time in my life.  
I love decorating however one needs to stay within somewhat 
smaller bounds as lifting, reaching, hanging, moving etc. become
 more difficult, even painful at times! 
A box will be going to favorite charity shop this coming week. . . .their
 sales benefit domestic animals (spaying, neutering etc.) which makes me
 feel I'm helping somewhat.

This year I found that putting everything onto the bed made wrapping and
 packing so much easier - this photo was when I was just starting - there
 was another load yet to come! 
Thankfully Bob carries the boxes back up the stairs and places them
 in the far reaches of the storage attic.
Next year, hopefully, we plan to do it all over again of course.

I feel here that I should pay tribute to a wonderful lady whom some of you
 may have known from her longtime blog Scene Through My Eyes, and
 her great book Are We Walking To Alaska?
 I learned from the recent post shared by her daughter - link below - that
 JoAnn Dunlap Bayne of Bellingham, Washington, sadly passed away in
 November from what I believe was quite a long illness. 
We had tried to meet up with her in Bellingham a couple of years ago but
 sadly she was unable to make it.
JoAnn wrote great posts with awesome photos of nature's beauty, flowers, 
farms, wild birds and her much-loved barns scattered throughout the
 scenic Pacific Northwest countryside.
Comments are still open on her blog however do not seem to be published.
JoAnn was a long time friend and sweet blogger and I know will be missed.


  1. Dearest Mary,
    Yes, we certainly have to consider all those factors at our age; no kidding!
    Good for donating things to a good cause, helping some domestic animals.
    Sad for learning about the passing of a blogger friend that one has knows over several years...

  2. I am sorry to hear of JoAnn's passing. Unfortunately, I was not familiar with her blog. I always find that putting things away is faster because I don't have to find place for all the bits and pieces of Christmas decorations. I have started to take things down today but haven't finished. I always have a hard time 'boxing up Christmas'.

  3. I am sorry to hear of the loss of your blog friend.

  4. Christmas is boxed up and put away here. I read about JoAnn a few weeks ago. So very sad to lose a blogging friend. She always took such lovely photos - I especially remember the snowbirds.

  5. Dear Mary - our Christmas bits and pieces are all packed away for yet another year. I kept it very simple - just a few of the things that I particularly like and enjoy seeing. I am now dreaming of sunny warm days, but in reality I realise that there is a long way to go until that day arrives.
    I am really sorry to learn about the loss of your blog friend.

  6. Thank you Mary for letting us know this sad news of JoAnn.
    We started blogging around the same time and joined in on many weekly memes such as Mosaic Monday and others.
    My blog has been neglected due to work commitments and my husbands health issues, but I’m determined to get back on tract this year!
    However, I will miss seeing JoAnns blog pop up on my side bar.
    Take care and I’ll be in touch soon!
    Shane xxx

  7. So sorry about your blog friend. I hadn't found her blog, but glad her family put something on there so others would know about her passing.
    I am much slower this year about putting Christmas away. I think I am doing that on purpose, just to extend it a bit longer. Somethings are tucked away now, but the tree will be next in a day or two. Then lastly the mantle village will go when I am ready and no sooner. In it's place will be candles and twinkle lights for winter. I just need the light for the next month or so. Happy New Year, dear friend!

  8. I am sorry for the loss of your blogging friend. Such news always comes as a shock because Blogdom is so magical that death seems impossible. Perhaps her blog will go on...I have been visiting many bloggers' blogs who are no longer here to man them.

    That does seem like a good method to pack away Christmas. Now if I can come up with a safe way to take it all up the stairs to the bed.

  9. I am so sorry about the loss of your blog friend; we share a lot with long-term online friends, and the friendships are very real. Six bluebirds to watch! How absolutely beautiful, and it would have slowed me down too. As it was, I did most of my undecorating yesterday; it was fairly simple this year when we believed we were off to Sydney. Happy New Year Mary.

  10. I did not know your blogging friend but am of course sorry to hear about her death and hope her family and friends can, in spite of COVID restrictions, support each other in their grief.

    My Christmas decorations will be taken down and packed away on Wednesday; Jan. 6 is our traditional day for that. And I guess you will not take your Christmas things out again NEXT year, but THIS year - in about 11 months :-)

    1. Haha! You caught me there Meike - of course I should have said "next December"!!!!!
      Time flies!
      Mary -

  11. I always dread taking down all the Christmas stuff and packing it away - such a big job! Brian always helps me though, so I have no room to complain.

    I'm very sorry to hear about your blog friend.

  12. Dear Mary,
    Most of my Christmas is put away. For the first time I decorated 3 trees on the outside. They are still greeting me every time I pass by. I especially like the way they light up the snow fields.
    Looking forward to your beautiful photos of your feathered friends.

  13. Mary, I packed up my Christmas things this weekend also. My tree (which is ornament less right now) is still up. My daughter, Jenny will be here this weekend to help me take it down and pack it away. I packed it up all by myself last year and boy was my back sorry I did that! Good for you for donating some of your treasurers to the charity. I love to do things like that.

    I was very sorry to hear about your blogger friend's passing. I'm sure she was a wonderful woman. Hugs to you and prayers for her family.

    Have a great week if I don't get back here!

  14. This year, I put my Christmas decor away two days after Christmas. I had the energy and the mood to do that and do a big cleanup. I always love that clean open feel after Christmas. And so sad to hear about your blog friend. Thank you for including the link. Much love.


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