Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Patience pays off -

 This is one of the old amaryllis bulbs I planted in the garden last Spring
 after the first indoor bloom. It bloomed again in the garden in May, and
kept tall leaves all Summer. I dug up the bulb in September and kept
 it in the potting shed until repotting again in November. 
It has now grown a 24" stem, no new leaves though ~ but
 I see some starting at the base ~ and today there are four 
beautiful buds filling out and getting ready to bloom!

I'm so excited and grateful. Sometimes I lack patience, waiting about 
bothers me and I just want to get on with things. Perhaps these pandemic
days have changed much of that. Now I have plenty of time and am more
attune to waiting for things to happen. 
Or I'm getting old and slowing down ~ have to be honest here.

I also thank my wonderful friend Gina at Art & Alfalfa for advising me
 on how to encourage amaryllis bulbs to re-bloom year after year, not
 toss them after the first bloom.
Gina gives advice on so many things that bring immense joy to my life. 
When visiting with her on her amazingly beautiful Utah farm a couple
of years ago I made a true forever friend.  Bob and I love you Gina.


  1. Dearest Mary,
    Amaryllis bulbs can be oh so rewarding once they start budding out and opening their gorgeous flowers!
    Glad you managed to get yours repotted and coached back into productivity.

  2. Oh, that we may all reap the beautiful rewards of patience. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Patience is indeed a virtue, and admittedly, not exactly my forte! There are things I don't mind waiting for, such as what happens in natural world, what I observe during my walks and hikes. And I have become better (and more resigned, probably) into waiting for trains that are late... or may never come, and then I need to find an alternative.
    But I do get impatient when, say, we want to go out and I am all dressed in boots and coat, and the other person is taking their time, still faffing with their mobile phone or something like that :-D

  4. At least Amaryllis has the decency to get on with things fairly rapidly once roused from their slumbers. Orchids really demand patience as they proceed in a very unhurried way; they do everything you'd expect but vveeeeeeerrrrry ssllowwlllyyyyyyyy.

  5. Dear Mary,
    You give me too much credit. You have taken the extra step (which paid off) by planting it in your garden for a little while. That is probably why you will have extra blossoms. Those which are showing look larger than most. Can't wait to see what will happen. Maybe even more blossoms than are showing right now.
    Thank you for your friendship. It means so much.

  6. How lovely to anticipate it blooming again! We have a lemon growing on a small lemon tree that hubby tends to ever so carefully. It sits in the front window. Such a treat to watch it growing. I nod my head when you say, "Now I have plenty of time and am more attune to waiting for things to happen. Or I'm getting old and slowing down...". Either way, like you, I am more attuned to the world around me, and I am grateful.

    Wishing you a pleasant day, Mary.

  7. What a good life lesson! Beautifully said.

  8. Worth waiting for - they are the most beautiful things and all that beauty and strength has come from that little bulb.

  9. I need to be more attentive to those bulbs, as I have been one to toss them. I love that you have nurtured your bulb and it is gifting your with new gorgeousness! I have never thought of planting them in the garden. I will share this with my "live-in gardener".

  10. You are being richly rewarded for your patience! What glorious blooms you can anticipate. I've never thought of saving the bulbs. Gina has a lot of wisdom.


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