Saturday, January 23, 2021

Saturday morning musings. . . .

It's the weekend and there's lots to fill my time.

We go for our first COVID-19 shots early tomorrow morning - drive-thru
in a hospital parking lot.  
We'll meet up with Razzy for a short walk - she's older now and doesn't
 enjoy going too far.
I'm taking a knitting break for awhile and have started on a new creative
venture with needle and thread - will share more later.

Grand-dog - sweet Razzy 
We're going 'walkies' tomorrow

Four beautiful blooms at last

My weekend flowers

Delicious veggies, Brussels sprouts, shallots, sweet potatoes - roasted
 yesterday for weekend recipes

Fresh eggs from Linda at the Saturday Farmers' Market 
(Anthropologie tea towel Christmas gift)

. . . . . . . and last but not least, the potting shed has a nightly visitor!
We discovered we've been feeding a little chubby mouse - a camera
 set up has filmed it coming around 10 pm to gobble our birdseed!
Later today we plan to pull out everything stored in there to look for
 an entry hole - as much as we love nature's creatures we don't want
 to encourage what could become a family into our shed! 

Enjoy your weekend - stay healthy, be safe.


  1. That's a lovely little dog! Not expecting my Covid jab till at least mid-February.

    1. Just had the first and will return on Valentine's Day - of all days - to get the second! Oh well nowhere more exciting to go that day - it will be just another 'sweet day' at home!
      Stay safe John.

  2. Dearest Mary,
    LOVE your granddog Razzy, what an almost 'human' smile she got! Oh, how she will love the walk with ya'll.
    That Amaryllis is still stunning.
    Good luck tomorrow with your shot and hope you're not muscle sore next day.
    Keep that mice population down!

    1. Yes, she is smiling and she is a sweet little Yorkie.
      We will walk this afternoon - cold, but the sun is bright and no wind thankfully.
      Mary -

  3. Oh how wonderful that you'll be getting your Covid shots now! Ours are a few months off as they are doing them by age group, complicated with the fact that Pzifer in Belgium has reduced their output in order to re-tool some of their factory. If it's not one thing it's another. Your amaryllis continues to be stunning, and those vegetables look delicious. I hope your weekend is going well.

    1. All good so far, no bad reaction so far (2+ hours out) which I was concerned about due to my allergy to Iodine Contrast Dye!
      Mary -

  4. Who is the nice looking little dog? Not yours, right?
    As before, your amaryllis is gorgeous!
    We had sprouts and spuds yesterday, too, I made them to go with our goulash of wild boar in a nice thick creamy sauce and red wine.
    Good to have your first jab! Hopefully, you won‘t feel any unpleasant side effects.

    1. Razzy is our daughter Kim's doggie.
      Sorry Meike, wouldn't eat boar - or any meat - but would enjoy the veggies with you and O.K.
      Feeling OK so far - 2 hours out from jab #1!

  5. Dear Mary,
    A little chubby mouse? Soon there will be many. Exactly what is happening here. They always come in at the time when temperatures drop.
    Hope your vaccine injections went well.

    1. Cleared the shed, found a hole - neighbor Bob kindly nailed a piece of wood across it. Left a a few seeds on floor last night and. . . . . . they are still there this morning so I guess that was where he was entering/exiting with a full tummy!

      Injections done - feeling OK so far!
      Mary -

  6. Razzy is so cute! My doggies did not enjoy long walks as they got older, but still enjoyed being outside.

  7. I hope you got your shots and that everything went well. Oh no, hope you get the mouse issue sorted out. They can become a nuisance if allowed to reproduce.

  8. Good luck with the mouse hole.
    What a cute Razzy!!
    Lucky you to be getting the vaccination. Oregon is a bit slow and it will be another month before we may be able to get it.

  9. Dear Mary, I wish you all the best for your health! In Germany we still have to wait for vaccine shots - different groups of age, but that's ok.
    I LOVE the soft pink amaryllis - it looks so beautiful!
    (Hope that I manage now to get your blog to my visible blogroll - if it is there I am reminded to look regularly)

  10. So glad to hear that you were able to get your first vaccination. Your grand dog is a cutie. Hope you all enjoyed your walk together. We got out for a walk through the woods yesterday. It felt so good!
    Your amaryllis is such a beautiful color.
    Your roasted veggies look delicious.
    Hope your mouse problem has been sorted out. We just had to set traps in the garage as we had a little couple cavorting around in there. I hate to take that drastic measure, but they are getting far too close to the door into the house. Tried leaving the garage door open for a few hours, but they didn't take the hint.

  11. Glad to hear you were able to start the vaccines. I had my first this past week and we have not been able to get Kent an appointment yet.


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