Friday, February 19, 2021

February freeze time -

This has been a somewhat strange week.  
Weather all across the board. . . . rain, fog, sunshine, ice, more rain and cold temperatures.  The painless needle in my arm came back to haunt me in the dark night when C
ovid #2 vaccine played havoc, fever, chills and the run over by a bus sensation.  Don't let my personal reaction put you off though, get the vaccine, and the good feeling later that you are much safer and will be ready to stretch your wings and take flight again soon.

Wings.        Delicate feathers.         Our feathered friends.       The way to fly.

The garden birds are also tired of rain and cold.  On the warmer, sunny day they seemed so chirpy.  We cleaned out the birdhouse - still filled with nests of twigs, moss, grasses and such. Now ready for new construction crews who will hopefully arrive come spring.  

My Valentine flowers are still looking lovely - when they start to fade I will dry the roses. On that sunny afternoon I sauntered around the garden to prepare a list of all the work we need to address come spring.  Many bulbs are pushing through that soggy earth and two daffodils were already blooming. . . . . . . always a lovely sign that things are looking UP!


  1. Nothing like the sunny yellow of freshly picked daffies to brighten the day!
    The female birds are so sweet, I wish them all the best for the upcoming nesting season.
    It has become very mild here, all the snow has gone; there have been a few grey days but only a sprinkle of rain durng the night - the ideal growing weather. This weekend, rather warm temperatures are forecast, and sunshine - headache-weather for some, but fortunately, I am usually able to simply enjoy it when it is like this.

  2. I get my second vaccine today. Hopefully I won't have the reaction you had. Your flowers are so pretty.

  3. Dear Mary,
    Your Valentine's bouquet is still the prettiest I have seen. Along with the roses, carnations also dry well if left standing in a vase with a little water.
    Thank you for the heads up about the 2nd Covid shot. I will receive mine in two weeks.

  4. I love the birds and your Valentine flowers are still beautiful.

  5. Dearest Mary,
    Yes, just like the daffodils or any other kind of bulb flower, we should be looking UP!
    Soon we will have spring and things look different with more light and sunshine, instead of the dreary dark, rainy days.

  6. Your daffodils are a sight for winter weary eyes, Mary. Mine are popping out of the ground, but nowhere near flowering yet. I did, however, discover one little snowdrop in bloom. Our weather has been unusually cold and rainy here this year. Still preferable to what is going on in so many areas right now.
    Your Valentine's bouquet is beautiful!
    Sorry to hear about your vaccine reaction. I did hear a doctor speaking about it and he said some sort of reaction is desirable in that it means the vaccine is doing it's job. Probably not so desirable when one is going through it though. :(

  7. Daffodils and bird song signal that spring is surely not very far away. Such encouragement. Your Valentine's bouquet continues to be so lovely. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    I heard some report today that some researchers think that one dose of the vaccine is sufficient, but the manufacturer's are saying no. So many conflicting reports. I'm glad you are feeling better after the second dose.
    Have a good weekend, Mary. Love to Bob.

  8. Hi Mary!
    These photos are gorgeous! I am so delighted to have found your blog again. I'm off to catch up on all that's new with you.

    Chris from Refining life (blog not currently active).

  9. Your daffodils are lovely! I love seeing the photos of the birds! :)

  10. How exciting to see daffodils in your garden. We are beginning to see a bit of yellow also.
    Love, love all your birds. You are more patient than I at capturing them.


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