Saturday, February 27, 2021

Fourteen years of blogging. . . .

. . . . and recalling some awesome travel.

No, not a new trip or any wild travel soon, sadly!  At this time, three years back, I was busy packing for the road yet again, leaving in early March for another visit to South America, focusing on the Chilean Fjords. I was doubly excited as Bob was going to be with me. Although he'd sailed on many ships, he'd never taken part in an expedition trip, riding in Zodiac boats to access amazing places large cruise ships were unable to visit. This was a new adventure for him. . . . . . and he really enjoyed it. 

These days I'm still traveling, though much differently. Virtually. Without my blog posts available to do this I feel I would not have such a quick/easy way to pull up old travel posts and photos. Sitting down with a mug of coffee, or a cup of tea, opening up the laptop and choosing a country to visit, takes my mind off being 'imprisoned' here at home. . . . . . . . . . . . for such a long time.

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile - March 2018

The three huge granite 'Torres' (towers) which reach over 10,000 ft., are just
 visible between the 'Cuernos' (horns) on the right side of this photo above.
To read about and see more photos from our visit, go HERE and HERE.
For a laugh go HERE to see Bob on his initial Zodiac ride!

 Meeting you and sharing many aspects of our lives in this ever changing world has been a wonderful gift. Thanks so much for being here, some of you for 14 years! Please know you are all special to me, today and every day.

Cheers! Here's to our travels yet to come
Keep on blogging, and stay well.


  1. How true, travelling through blogland is a great way to experience the World, especially during lockdown - that's why I love it so much - and some of my adventures have been inspired (and even helped along) by the posts, knowledge, experience and even the helpful intervention of fellow bloggers (Vix helping me with my visa application for India for example) there's a whole world of interesting people out there that we could never encounter in 'real world' long live blogland!

  2. Dear Mary, happy blogoversary to you!! I have not been around here in the blogosphere for 14 years yet, but I have been following your blog for some years now. There has not been a single post that I found anything less than interesting and well written - and your bird pictures are among the best I have seen.

  3. Dear Mary - I have every confidence in our scientists that it is they that will be the ones to get us through the current situation, and that your time to travel will return again.
    J has travelled around much of the world when he was with the UN but one of his favourite countries has always been Chile - he got to know it really well when a large tanker went aground in Patagonia spilling its cargo of oil in the Megellan Straits where it caused devastation to the wild life.
    Congratulations on 14 years of blogging - that is a very impressive record.

  4. I have always enjoyed going on your trips with you through your blog. I hope you will be able to travel again soon, so I can see more of the world through your eyes. Happy blog anniversary!

  5. What an adventure that was! It is good to revisit this remarkable place by viewing your photos, which have always been fabulous. Congratulations on 14 years of blogging!

  6. I've traveled virtually with you Mary. I do hope to travel in the near future. First trip? I think Bermuda.

  7. Beautiful travels, beautiful photos - and the confidence that soon we will be on the road again.

  8. Stunning photos! Thank you for still blogging and sharing your life with us! Have a great weekend.

  9. Dearest Mary,
    Congratulations on your 14th anniversary of blogging about all your travels.
    We both love Chile as we had our Church Wedding there:

  10. You've visited so many beautiful and out if the way places Mary and I am glad you share them with us. My last trip was to Ulm, Germany, for a business trip in November 2019. It seems like it was a different world when we could just hop on a plane and meet colleagues in different countries.

  11. Patagonia is definitely on my bucket list - the rivers in South America are legendary to kayakers: the Bio Bio and the Fuetaleufau especially. Cerro Torre is also an iconic peak for mountaineers - just to see it would be magnificent. Interesting though, that your pictures brought to mind the sisters of Kintail in Scotland, which reminds me there is much wilderness at home too.
    Your travels sound rather like those of my parents in law, who in a long and active retirement clocked up over 120 countries! By the end they were going on cruises to tick off a few at a time - that's not the approach for me; I'd prefer fewer numbers but more time in each location. I like the idea of travelling on smaller boats too - but then I would say that, as all I have is kayaks!

  12. Your travel posts are always wonderful and worthy of multiple reads. We would like to visit Chile and Patagonia some day. Tim spent a year in Chile in junior high school when his father worked on the El Teniente copper mine there. The adventures he had there made a huge impression on him.
    The scenery in your photos is breathtaking, and I'm glad Bob enjoyed his first expedition in the Zodiac. Soon, I hope, we will be traveling again!

  13. Happy 14th Anniversary Mary! Gosh, what a long time, but what a fabulous resource you have at your fingertips now. May you have many more opportunities to add to it in the near future! xx

  14. Dear Mary,
    traveling with you is always a pleasure. Your photographs are National Geographic quality. We have both seen Bloggers come and go and many are only visiting and never write a post or even comment. Going back 12 years of travel brings back wonderful memories. I am ready and will take the first opportunity to hop on a plane.

  15. Oh Mary .... what adventures you have been on .... I love seeing your photographs of your travels ... you do take a beautiful photograph. Congrats on 14 years of blogging ..... 12 years for me. I’m sure there will be lots more travelling for you in the not so distant future. XXXX

  16. Congratulations on your blog anniversary! I have loved following along with you.
    Your travel adventures have been so spectacular and well worth re-visiting.
    Today I got my passport picture taken. I think the guy at the store was surprised anyone was thinking of traveling. I just said I need to be planning and ready to go. My passport expires this year; so I am getting ready.


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