Sunday, February 28, 2021

Sunday morning - more tulips!

European starlings braved the foggy morning - even a lone Brown-headed cowbird
 showed up for breakfast. It's warmer, calm, but so dreary and more rain coming.

Tomorrow March arrives, called 'Martius' by the Romans, from the god Mars.
It received the name 'Hlyd Monath', i.e. loud or stormy month, from the 

March days of note
March 1st - St.David
March 12th - St.Gregory
March 17th - St.Patrick
March 25th - Lady Day

This weekend I gathered up white tulips at LIDL - there were
 just two bunches. . . . . . .I brought them both home.
Clean and bright, they will welcome a new month. . . . .let's all
 hope it will be a better one.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Many thanks for all the kind comments on my 14th blog anniversary 
yesterday - you are all wonderful friends.


  1. Flowers are like a balm to the heart. The tulips are so pretty.

  2. White tulips always look so fresh. You can't go wrong with one or even two, bunches!

  3. Dear Mary, the white tulips are gorgeous!
    Starlings are many here by now - a lot of them around the Bahnhof Zoo (one station in Berlin). Some of them don't leave the country anymore, they survive here in winter quite well.
    I love their beautiful feathers. And I think they can imitate sounds very well.

  4. Interesting to read the comment from Britta - that may explain why we are getting less Starlings in winter in the UK. I'm very fond of tulips; though I wish they lasted a little longer indoors.

  5. Dear Mary,
    I didn't realize that starlings have such pretty plumage. Maybe we have a different variety of starlings in this area. Your tulips are still looking good. Have you tried a couple of copper pennies to make them last even longer?

  6. Nice tulips.
    I don't like mine when they start to bend over like that, so I put the stems in large plastic drinking straws, they always stand up to attention.

  7. Here's another important March date: 22nd - birthday of the Librarian :-D
    Seriously, March is a very full month in terms of birthdays where my circle of friends and family are concerned. I need to get started on writing cards and post them in time!

  8. The white tulips are just stunning! I love coming home from the market with flowers.
    Now I must say that particular bird is my "live-in gardener's" least favorite bird. He gets so irritated when they visit us, especially if it looks like they are going to nest in our tree. For someone that loves birds, it is always amazing how irritated when they come to his feeder.
    Happy March 1st! I am always thrilled when we reach this time in winter and the light lengthened and the flowers begin blooming. Whew! we made it through another winter.

  9. Dearest Mary,
    Being a lover of white flowers, this is the very best bouquet you showed; so perfect!
    You're lucky for having a Lidl too, we must drive over an hour for one so that is out of question.
    Sending you hugs and in front of my Mac I have a sweet bouquet of heavenly fragrant Ehrlicheer, double blooming. Pieter cut them for me and placed them here, fresh ones this afternoon.
    Spring is our mood vitamin.

  10. March is here and Spring is on its way .... such a beautiful time of year in the garden. White flowers are my favourite and tulips herald the Spring.... beautiful. The weather here has been lovely ... we did a bit of gardening yesterday ... I ache a bit today !!! XXXX

  11. It´s so beautiful with just white tulips...
    Lovely pictures and I hope you having a great week :)

  12. Hope March will be better for all of us.


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