Monday, October 18, 2021

Autumn winners -

First and foremost, as promised, today Bob drew the name of the winner of 
the knitted cowl!  There were 22 comments however a few of you passed 
on wanting your name included for one reason or another, which was fine. 

I'm happy to announce the winner is VEE a long time blogging 
friend at A Haven For VeeShe is located up north in one of
 my most favorite states, Maine!
Congratulations Vee - I will get started on your choice of cowl (brown)
 asap. I know it will get cold up your way very soon! So listen for the
 click clack of my knitting needles down here in still balmy North Carolina!
I'll get your address later and then let you know when your little gift is
 on the way. . . .arriving before it snows perhaps.

I purchased beautiful freshly harvested butternut squash on the recent 
pumpkin farm visit. Hoping they will be as tasty as the ones from there
 last year - much more flavorful than any bought at the grocery store!

Speaking of cold days and nights ahead, one of our favorite homemade
 soups is roasted butternut squash. . . . . . I'll be in the kitchen later this
 week preparing a batch for supper and the freezer.

Thanks to all of who participated in the drawing for the knitted cowl.

Just so you know, Bob and I decided to draw a second name which we are
 going to keep secret for the time being! Once I finish Vee's cowl I'm sure 
I'll have plenty more long, cold winter evenings for knitting . . . . . so
you may be a winner also!

Enjoy your week - we are having perfect October weather here, 
and especially colorful sunrises . . . . . worth waking early to view.



  1. How generous of you to create the cowl, and congratulations to Vee. Your butternut soup idea sounds delicious.

  2. Congratulations to Vee! She'll appreciate that cozy cowl in the winter where she lives! Butternut squash soup was made here over the weekend - such a great autumn soup!

  3. That sunrise is spectacular! We're having grey mornings here at the moment, and rain is forecast for later today.
    I love the acorn picture!
    Congratulations to Vee, and to the secret second winner :-)
    Happy knitting, Mary, and cooking - your soup sounds perfect for autumn nights.

  4. Congratulations to Vee - I am sure that she will find herself thanking you many times over during the coming winter when she is wearing her cosy, knitted by you, cowl.
    What did we do before we all discovered butternut squash, it was never something that was around when I was a child. We love butternut squash soup here too especially with some coconut milk add into the mix.

  5. Congrats to Vee! I didn't enter because now living in Florida I would not have a need for the beautiful cowl. Your soup looks yummy!

  6. 😳 Me? Wow! Yes, I'll be listening for the clackety clack. No rush! Thank you so much. What a thrill!

  7. Congratulations to Vee for being the lucky winner!
    That butternut squash soup sure does look good and would really hit the spot with our cooler (hooray) temps.
    The sunrise is breathtakingly beautiful. I must start paying closer attention to the morning skies.

  8. Dearest Mary,
    Congrats to Vee and you and Bob keep it quite challenging for knowing who the second winner will turn out to be!
    LOVE that early sunrise photo; you're blessed with such a sky view. We cannot, due to too many tall trees around.

  9. Congrats to Vee!

    I love butternut, acorn and delicata squash. Yummy delights for the fall.


  10. Dear Mary,
    I'm getting ready to bake my large Lakota squash. Would you please share your recipe for your roasted squash soup? I would be so grateful.
    Love everyone of your photographs, especially the open book and oak leaf photo.

    1. Hi dear friend - glad to know you have fresh squash from your garden, so much more flavorsome than grocery store offerings I'm sure. When I make butternut (or pumpkin) soup I just peel, remove seeds, and cut into cubes, place in a baking dish with sliced shallots (or mild onions), salt, pepper and olive oil, and roast until soft but not too browned. Tip all into a large pot and add a couple of cups of vegetable stock and puree with the stick blender! Bring to a boil, reduce heat and add more seasoning to taste - I sometimes add turmeric or Turkish seasoning - and a nice amount of heavy cream stirred in makes it rich and smooth. Serve with whole grain croutons.

      Recently lovely Lorrie in Victoria, BC shared her soup recipe - here's the link. I love her addition of coconut milk - which I often use in vegetarian soups and stews - so will try that way also.

      Happy cooking Gina dear - Mary x


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