Sunday, October 17, 2021

Celebrating emigration and friendship. . .

Yesterday marked the 59th anniversary of my
arriving in America!  It was to be just one year of working
and seeing the wonders of this vast land . . . however, because
 I met and married Bob, it turned into almost a lifetime visit.
Yes, I'm a legal immigrant and have dual citizenship with
the United Kingdom!

I gathered an armload of flowers from Trader Joe's on Thursday in
 preparation for friends visiting.........and because I like fresh flowers
 for the dining room at the weekend.

Now here it is Sunday and I'm taking a rest!
It's been a busy last few days around the house as I prepared for 
yesterday's visit from our Oregon friends, Marilyn and Jim.
We last visited with them in Portland in 2016.
Where have all those years gone?
They were passing through Raleigh on an East Coast visit and it was
enjoyable to have them stop here for lunch with us at a nearby
 restaurant, followed by a quick visit to the the cottage for dessert prior
 to heading west to the North Carolina mountains.

 On the front porch with my longtime blog friend Marilyn ~ visit her at
where you'll enjoy beautiful words, nature, the Oregon coast, flowers,
 and learn a lot about tea, her specialty!

P.S.  Last chance to enter my knitted cowl giveaway - drawing will be tomorrow.
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  1. Oh wow - fifty nine year in the US; a lifetime almost... The Four Seasons were 'top of the pops' when you left - that seems appropriate somehow!

    1. Thanks Mark - sometimes it seems like yesterday, hugging my parents and boarding that plane at Heathrow in 1962 - and I was almost 19! I had never flown before and had no idea really what life would be like 'across the pond.' I guess it made me into someone who loved adventure travel later in life when no longer tied down by all the responsibilities of the younger years.

      I'll email you later re: the book. Thanks.

  2. So glad you had a chance to visit with your blog friend!

    1. They are headed to Asheville tomorrow - wish I was going and of course that you and K would be there like the old days xx

  3. Dear Mary - you and your blog friend Marilyn look so happy together in your very inviting porch. It is the first time that I have seen you properly since you grew your hair out during the Pandemic and it suits you really beautifully. Here's to having lived in the States for 59 years with your lovely Bob and also to all of our blog friendships too.

    1. I guess I'm one of the huge group who have 'gone grey' during the pandemic! One only has to go grocery shopping to see them all, haha! Thanks for the kind comment - I like it and find it much easier to care for.
      Yes, thankful to have had all these good years here, even though there have been some regrets that I never went back to live in Devon. Mostly missing my English family and school friends . . . . . and the English countryside which can never be replicated elsewhere.

  4. How wonderful to have a visit from your friends! Love the photo of the two of you on the porch. Your hair is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Melanie. It took a long 13 months to grow out but I'm not sorry and now am really enjoying the ease of care. I no longer bother with heated tools - just let it dry naturally, with a little mousse, and off I go ready for any type of weather as I have more of a wave now. Of course I also don't miss the big expense of professional color every 5 weeks, lol! I get a trim though every 5-6 weeks.
      I do however resemble my dear departed mother now, but that's OK with me!

  5. That is a wonderful photo of two beautiful women, enjoying their friendship! It must have been still rather warm there, your friend‘s outfit looks very summerly.

    1. Meike, it was very HOT sitting outside so Marilyn had chosen the perfect outfit! However 15 mins. later it poured with rain! Now, we have perfect October weather from the cold front that went through last night - brilliant sunshine this morning. I love this time of year.

  6. What a treat to see both of you beauties, Mary and Marilyn, together with big smiles! Congratulations on your 59 years in the USA - I'm sure that Bob is very glad you came and stayed. A simple decision to go for a year had great bearing on your life! I hope that you can soon return to your beautiful England. I think one always misses home.

  7. Dearest Mary,
    Always very special to meet with a blog friend!
    Marilyn and her husband came quite a distance for being together with you but it looks like an enjoyable day.
    Congrats on your 59 years and kudos to Bob for having turned your one-year stay into a very, very long one!

  8. Happy Anniversary, dear Mary! And lucky you to have some visitors!

  9. What a special day, a meeting with a precious Blog friend. You both look lovely sitting on the porch. Congratulations on 59 years - it certainly agrees with you. PS the flowers are gorgeous too. xx


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