Friday, October 29, 2021

Goodbye sweet October days -

Autumn. October. Birthdays.

Always a busy month around here, October arrived and was full of 
occasions. Many family members and friends have birthdays. . . . and 
of course my own was tucked in there on the the 26th. I thank you all 
who sent such kind greetings. No matter how old we get it's always a
pleasure to be remembered, don't you agree?

This weekend we will say goodbye to what for me is probably the best 
month of the year. I'm staying close to home - including time in this chair
which is comfortable for my current back and leg issue. Still going to PT 
and doing exercises at home. Still waiting for the leaves to change color 
and soon begin falling. . . . . yes autumn is a season of slowing down
 and just waiting.

My birthday brought some enjoyable and unexpected gifts.
A new beautiful cookbook, SOUPOLOGY, from granddaughter Jasmin
 who knows exactly what excites my taste buds and gets me into the kitchen!
We do love soup around here and there are some tasty sounding ones
in this book.

The beautiful Voluspa candle from Anthropologie accompanied it, along with
 other special gifts. We love these candles in the the patterned glass jars -
this fragrance is a new one to me, Santiago Huckleberry (Ripe Huckleberry, 
Vanilla & Crushed Sugar Cane) in a Coconut Wax Blend. It smells just 
right for fall and the color is so beautiful.

I have lot of cookbooks (even after sharing some with others to make more
 space on my kitchen bookshelves!), but there's always a new one popping
up which I feel will be interesting to read, and perhaps glean a few new can't
 pass up recipes. THE FIRST MESS I'd seen online, even tried a couple of 
Laura's great plant-based recipes. This one I bought myself for my birthday
gift - I am going to enjoy it!

Everywhere looks clean after more heavy rain last night, and beautiful sunny
cooler weekend days are promised - nice for the children to celebrate
 Halloween if they venture out for Trick or Treats as the sun goes does
on Sunday evening!
This morning the bluebirds are back in the the now bare fig tree, always
a thrill. Other birds are returning too - probably as we're feeding again. 
Expect bird photos, along with the usual suspects, squirrels, soon!

Enjoy your late October weekend - I'll catch up with you all in the coming
November days.


  1. Iam 89 on Hallowe'en Mary - Happy Birthday to you - hope you enjoyed your special day.

  2. Hi Mary and belated Happy Birthday! That cookbook, Jasmin gave you sound so good! I love soups. That candle is gorgeous! I have never seen a candle so beautiful and the scent sounds heavenly!! We finally had rain here in SC yesterday (it had been over a month with no rain). Doesn't everything look so much better after a rain! I was so glad that I didn't have to water last night. Everything has been so very dry here. I love October also. My Mom's 84th birthday was on the 18th. My paternal grandfather's birthday used to be on the 19th. My childhood friend's was on the 16th. My Dad's birthday used to be Halloween!! So October was always a very busy month in our house also. You take care of yourself, hope the PT is working! Have a great weekend my friend!

  3. Dearest Mary,
    Yes, October is almost out the door...
    We too had another rain yesterday and early morning. When does it EVER end?
    Hoping that still the tree crew can start early next week. Has been postponed from April on, just like the exterior painting of the house + gazebo.
    Will see what November brings us.
    You at least are all set for some warm and cozy meals for the colder November month.
    Lovely gifts!

  4. Lovely cookbooks and what a beautiful candle! I love cookbooks too, and still have a lot even after purging a few years ago. I think I have around 50 at the moment. But I do use them!

    Have a good weekend. xoxo

  5. Those are lovely gifts, Mary, from those who know you well. Soup is such a great thing to make - I'm happy with soup and good bread and cheese for dinner. Enjoy these last couple of days of the beautiful month of October.

  6. Der Mary,
    Looking forward to seeing your beautiful bird photos, and I love your new Header. Your Headers are always beautiful but this one is even more special.

  7. I love your pumpkin cushion, Mary! I'm glad it's adorning a comfy chair for you right now. What lovely gifts you received, and the time for Scorpios has arrived in this family, too, so there'll be a joint celebration coming up within the next fortnight. Enjoy these gorgeous days - your fireplace may need to see some action before long!

  8. October was a wonderful month for me all way round, and November will be very busy but still great, I think.
    My late husband would have been 53 today; I can‘t believe he‘s been gone 11 years!
    The soupology book looks very appealing, and I am sure you will have us participate in trying out new recipes and posting about them 😊😋

  9. The weather was so amazing when we were in your part of the world. We returned to Autumn/Winter, very rainy, windy, and golden leaves everywhere.
    A good cookbook is always so tempting and these do look like good ones. I love the sound of the candle too. Jazmin definitely knows you.

  10. Happy belated birthday! I am sorry I missed it. Your new cookbooks sound delicious, and the candle is lovely. I hope you are aseetled in and keeping cosy.


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