Monday, November 1, 2021

Knitting needles staying busy!


Knitting news - and another winner!

Yes, I finished knitting the cowl for recent winner Vee in Maine.
Her little parcel is going in the mail today and heading north to
 arrive hopefully before the first snowfall!
Speaking of which - I still miss those lovely years of long ago
when I lived in New England and spent quite a lot of time in
the beautiful state of my favorite beach, 
Ogunquit ("a beautiful place by the sea" in Abenaki language)
 in the summer months, and taking drives north from our
 homes in New Hampshire and Massachusetts in winter
 when the weather wasn't too severe but the landscape 
was often snow-covered.

So the brown yarn is used up - that was Ms. Vee's choice.
At the time of the drawing I told you that Bob and I decided to 
also pull a second name for later - after all I need to keep my
knitting needles clicking all the long winter months ahead
while stuck in front of the evening TV screen!

Here's the other winner. 
Congratulations Lorrie.

Lorrie lives far away, also in the north - and in another country!
Bob and I had the pleasure to meet up with Lorrie and her charming
 husband a few years ago when visiting another of our most favorite places, 
the lovely city of Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
Many of you also follow Lorrie at Fabric Paper Thread and I know agree
when I say she is a special, beautiful, and gracious woman in so many ways. 

Lorrie - Bob and I were delighted when your name popped up naming
 you the runner up. . . . . .and I have the 'merlot' shade of yarn you
requested waiting for the knitting needles so will get started on your
cowl soon!

Only three little boys showed up at the door for Halloween candy
last evening - disappointing. Recalling the years when there was a
steady stream of ghosts, witches and Ninja warriors on the front porch.
How about at your house?

November here already!
Here's to another great week ahead.
We took a short drive yesterday to look for autumn scenery.
I'll share photos soon.


  1. November is here indeed, and we changed back from summertime, so that now there will be long, dark nights and not much chance to catch daylight during the working week.
    I am looking forward to seeing your autumn scenery!
    Congratulations to Lorrie!

  2. Congrats to Lorrie!

    No trick or treaters here. I was not disappointed. My grandson had dropped by with his dad and he had just finished bagging up 87 treat bags and was excited about passing them out. He was a little worried that there would not be enough. I'm wondering how it went.

  3. Two children .. our new neighbors. It was disappointing ~~ I dressed in a costume thinking this year would be different. I wish my fingers ‘worked’ well enough to manage knitting. HOWEVER my sewing machine gets a nice workout. Happy November.

  4. Dearest Mary,
    Lorrie will be quite happy with her 'merlot' shade cowl.
    Yesterday we did ride our bicycles for a good 20 miles. It was sunny but windy.
    Autumn is here so we better get used to layering up some more.
    Ah, this morning the tree men arrived and the huge live oak tree behind the house is down already, others have been trimmed up and two more to go, big ones and another skinny one... So glad that FINALLY since April's request, this is being finalized!
    It did rain last week, unexpected... but not as bad.
    Big hugs,

  5. Oh Mary, what a lovely surprise to read this post this morning. I am so pleased to be the winner of one of your lovely knitted cowls. The weather is cooling rapidly here and scarves are the order of the day.

    We had about 45 trick or treaters at our door last night. Some very cute costumes.

    Again, thank you, Mary! Have a wonderful day!

  6. How lovely for Loie, that is just the shade I would have chosen and I'm sure she will love her cowl!

  7. I am so excited to "know" both of your winners. Congratulations to Lorrie! You sure are knitting those cowls up quickly, Mary. Know they will be super appreciated as the winter temps move in.
    No trick or treaters here as we live in a 55+ community.

  8. Congratulations to the winners of the cowls.
    We don't even turn our lights on anymore as most of the children go to the stores nearby for trick-or-treating. I miss them. Usually we go to one of the restaurants and watch the children parade by, but we didn't make it out this year.

  9. Congratulations to both winners! What a wonderful gift and so beautiful. No trick or treaters here but we did see a few cute ones in the neighborhood.

  10. What beautiful cowls. I had learnt to knit when I was a little girl but haven't picked up knitting needles in years. My mum used to love to knit but she now says she doesn't need any more sweaters :)


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