Saturday, November 20, 2021

Week of preparations -

SuzAnna's Antiques - Rolesville, North Carolina - November 2021

It has been a busy week.  Two PT appointments, a doctor visit, and an MRI.  Cooking up the big pumpkin for eating (soup and a gratin) and tucking some away in the freezer.  Pulling out a suitcase - yes I'll be traveling very soon - watch this space!  Starting on the Christmas cards which need to travel much farther than I can these days. Thursday evening we managed to drive a little north through horrendous rush hour traffic to SuzAnna's Antiques for the Holiday Open House. Many of you will recall my long, lovely history with the shop, the booth I had for a while with a best friend Vanessa, and my granddaughter Jasmin working there for several years.  Since they moved out of Raleigh it's a long way to go but always worthwhile. . . . . . especially to see the delightful Susie, Jenny, Bruce (playing a handsome Santa again!) and others of their family.  The crowd was big, the holiday offerings awesome - impossible to leave there empty-handed - and when Jasmin arrived it was just like the old days. . . . . .except we were all masked of course!

This evening we'll pop over to see the Christmas tree lighting at the midtown shopping center - then it will really feel festive, and it will be cold!

Happy weekend everyone - hoping you have good weather to enjoy any holiday preparations you are working on.


  1. Dearest Mary,
    Good for both of you that you managed to drive to your favorite shop with so many fond memories!
    Yesterday when we biked, starting with 64°F and visiting a widowed friends that lives 36.3 mi away, round trip that is, it was only 51.8°F on our return instead of the forecast of 60.8°F... Good that we wore gloves!
    Yes, the season is changing rapidly and we all are in need of making it cozy inside our homes!

  2. That looks so much fun - what a great place to spend time :)

  3. You have had a busy week! I bet the evening at Suzanna's was so much fun!

  4. Sounds like a lovely day, Mary. I do miss all the small shops that were the best places to buy a gift or a treat. Hopefully, antique stores will be around for, well, all of time!

  5. Happy preparations Mary! I am sure your home will look and feel wonderful! Best to you and Bob for a Happy Thanksgiving. Jeanne xx

  6. I always love when you get to visit SuzAnna's. What wonderful sights.


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