Thursday, November 4, 2021

An Autumn walk -

 It was so beautiful outside last Sunday.  
A perfect afternoon. 
Water called to me.
I needed a change of scenery.
A water view always helps.

We do have a beautiful lake - our local reservoir - just a 15 minute
 drive from home.

Falls Lake is a 12,410 acre reservoir located in Durham, Wake, 
and Granville counties in North Carolina, United States. Falls Lake extends
 28 miles up the Neuse River to its source at the confluence of the Eno, Little,
and Flat rivers. 

..........via Wikipedia

We parked and had to walk up a wooded incline to the lake and dam.  
Very few people were there. . . . . . several hawks were circling overhead. 
Nobody was fishing despite the lake being well stocked with several 
types of fish. One kayak passed silently by - I wished I was paddling it!
The clouds were beautiful and didn't stop the sun from shining down on us.
A light long tunic sweater over leggings was comfortable.

Not a lot of color in the trees yet but now that the nights are getting colder
 this will be changing. May have to go back this coming weekend to see
 the difference.

We took a little bench break.
At the last minute before leaving home, I'd tucked a tiny bottle of chilled
 Chardonnay (from a recent wedding we attended) and two small glasses 
in a bag. Just a few sips each in the sun, cheering the day - but I did cling
 to Bob's arm as we cautiously clambered back down through the
 wooded area, just in case I tripped!  
Next time I'll make a Thermos of tea as it will be much colder I'm sure.

Back at the cottage things are changing.
Bob's efforts to keep the leaves picked up under the fig tree, plus the huge
 acorn fall from the oaks have kept him busy and bending!
Now all the leaves are off the fig and the birds are busy feeding again.

The lanterns in the tree are replenished with new battery operated
candles, set to light earlier now the evenings are drawing in.
Sunset here is currently at 6:20 pm - then darkness falls.

Already, the pungent smell of evening wood fires wafts through the
neighborhood. We have yet to light our fire but will prepare for this
favorite winter change in the cottage over the coming weekend.
The chimney was swept last spring and we just have to bring the
fireplace tools, fire screen and hearth rug down from the attic.
As I've said before, I love this time of year.

“I was alone again in the unquiet darkness.”----- F. Scott Fitzgerald.


  1. Up north where I am, the sun sets at 5:28. I must reset my little candle to match.

    The lake is such a serene setting. What a gem for you to visit. Hope that you get to visit
    when the foliage is vibrant. 🍁

  2. I would go to that beautiful lake weekly! Sun sets here at 6:42 this time of the year.

  3. Dearest Mary,
    What a brilliant idea for tucking two small glasses and a tiny bottle of Chardonnay inside your bag! Bob still in short sleeves, that looks like being very warm and sunny. You're lucky for having such a beautiful dam area.
    Here we enjoy some sunny but cooler days.
    The tree men have been active on our property for three days. The kitties are happy that quiet and routine has returned so they don't have to hide inside the adjacent wood garden.
    Except for Speckie girl and Bandido boy who are always inside and they didn't care much.
    We're very pleased with the new look of our property and the house is more visible from the street and our beautiful white picket fence in-between our neighbors.
    Now let's hope the pressure wash and exterior painting will get done...!

  4. What a beautiful place for an outing. And how clever of you to take along a little treat! Lawns are littered with leaves here, too, and will likely be raked up this weekend. Sunset here tonight is at 5:49 and sunrise at 8:03 tomorrow morning. We change the clocks this coming Saturday night.

  5. What a beautiful fall outing you had! We just went through a COLD spell already - only in the 40's during the day and down into the 20's at night. That did it for all the leaves and plants. We're warming back up again briefly this weekend - 50's and 60's. That's more like it for me. I'm not a cold weather person at all.

    It currently gets dark here at 5:45. Already to me, the nights are sooo long. With the upcoming time change, I can't believe it's going to be dark at 4:45. I'm a person who requires a lot of sunshine and I like warm weather, too. So the combination of the cold and dark make me feel lethargic and down. Seasonal Affective Disorder! It'll be time for me to bring out my therapy lamp for that.

  6. Here, sunset was just before 5:00 pm yesterday.
    Your walk was beautiful, and the fact that you took the small bottle of wine and glasses with you reminds me of all the times O.K. and I have been doing that - only when he is not driving, of course :-)
    Yes, being near water does something with us, doesn't it!

  7. How lovely to have such beauty in your doorstep Mary. I just went to water the yew balls in our porch and there are leaves everywhere …. And, it’s very chilly here now but, clear blue skies.
    Sun sets at 16:25 pm here …… and it’s Guy Fawkes night tonight !!! XXXX


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