Friday, November 12, 2021

Amaryllis time!

This week I managed to make time to re-pot my collection of amaryllis
 bulbs. . . . . after popping a couple of xtra strength Tylenol for pain relief!
I knew bending over a huge bag of fresh potting soil, and washing out the
 old pots, would be hard with my ongoing back issue. 
I like to give these now old bulbs a clean start annually. Next spring
 they will be returned to the garden where they often re-bloom and look
 gorgeous outside by the front steps.
They have just spent two months in a box in the potting shed, garden
 soil brushed off, longer roots clipped a wee bit, and should now be ready
 to come back to life in the house.

I planted five large single bulbs in individual pots, and three new
 baby bulblets in a pot together.  When I dug up the large bulbs in
 September where they'd spent the hot summer months, these little
 bulblets clinging to their 'mamas' were a nice surprise. 
All the bulbs have a touch of green peeking out so hoping they will 
send up those tall stems, lovely leaves, chunky buds. . . . and
bloom eventually!

I'm short of sunny places to place bulbs, or plants - and no wide
 window sills to balance them on to catch autumn/winter rays.
So they move around the south facing dining room - taking turns 
in sunlit corners, on the floor, and on the dining table!

I have my doubts these will bloom in time for Christmas but perhaps 
in January their beautiful flowers will open again such as in this photo
 below from a previous year. 

Amaryllis blooms are stunning and so worth waiting for!

Are you growing any indoor bulbs for winter this year?


  1. We have a sort of family tradition to all grow an amaryllis after Christmas and then share progress on the family chat. My elderly mum is chief organiser and she buys us all a bulb each year but I have never thought to keep them or plant them on - we shall have to try that this coming spring.

  2. You have a rather impressive bulb management, dear Mary!
    Won't it be much nicer to have the amaryllis blooms lighting up dreary, grey January days instead of them blossoming at Christmas, when everything is colourful and with plenty of candles and lights on anyway?

  3. So many blogging friends are chatting about amaryllises that I hope to be growing one soon. I must needs make a grocery run soon.

  4. I have never planted amaryllis! Yours are always so pretty. I just posted about my planting on my blog today. Come check it out! xo

  5. My two plants are at that stage too, one is showing a little touch of green, so hopefully it will take off soon.

  6. Dearest Mary,
    Both of us on our monthly trip to Atlanta, were looking at a wooden crate that Whole Foods Market offered with either red or white Amaryllis bulbs.
    This year we pass, too many projects still going on.
    But on November 24 I have a scheduled post where you can see a huge fragrant Amaryllis (white of course) four blooms.
    Yes, wide windowsills would be lovely to have for giving them the much needed light.
    You have been brave for managing this task!

  7. They are, indeed, very pretty. I have never tried growing them.

  8. I've never had much success with keeping Amaryllis bulbs for the following year - a combination of the English climate and my forgetfulness probably. No indoor winter bulbs, but lots of outdoor daffodils and many cuttings jostling for space on my kitchen windowsill. Be sure to show us some of the flowers whenever they appear.

  9. Oh Mary .. sorry you are still in pain but I guess one has to battle on. Your Amaryllis will be beautiful and it doesn’t really matter if they flower after Christmas ….. it will be something to behold in the dark days of Jan/Feb !!!!! Will you be dressing your home for Christmas …… I like getting inspiration from you ! XXXX

  10. what a beautiful amarylis. YOu are organised, I have only planted a few bulbs outside in tubs :)

  11. You are so organized with your amaryllis bulbs. I grew some years ago and have not since, but I think I would like to try again, inspired by your beautiful flowers. In the spring, I move starting plants all around the house, too, not having wide windowsills.

  12. It intrigues me that you can grow bulbs indoors over Winter, something we never see here. Meantime, my scarlet amaryllis have just put on a brilliant Summer display, alas a little too early for Christmas! xx

  13. How fun it is going to be to watch all of them come into bloom. I do hope you will share when that happens. I used to plant them in the ground after they did their holiday thing. They would usually bloom in May. I have never tried digging them up and storing them until holiday planting time. I now want to try that. I planted one a week or two ago and I think it may be in bloom by the end of the week. Exciting, but I may need to pick up a few more to have them better timed for Christmas.
    Hope your pain will soon be getting better, Mary.

  14. I just planted my amarylis on Sunday. I'm trying a new variety. I don't remember the name. When it blooms I'll post photos on my blog. I love these plants. They are so beautiful!!


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