Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Welcome back to Arizona -


Yesterday - flew Raleigh to Dallas to Tucson. 
Crowded airports but thankfully no delays along the way.
Great flying weather, calm, sunny skies, clear views. 
I slept for quite a while, which is unusual for me.
Bought a small lumbar spine pillow for my back which
helped in those airplane seats!

Driving from Tucson was enjoyable. Late afternoon with hardly any traffic.
Sun low in the skies. Huachuca Mountains dark and brooding.

Today the sun is up and the skies clear.
It's quite lovely to be back in Arizona.


  1. Dear Mary,
    Excellent reporting. You must have been very tired to sleep so long on the airplane. Hope you have a wonderful time.

  2. Gorgeous photo. Glad the travel went well!

  3. That is a breathtakingly beautiful picture, dear Mary!
    The crowded airports and the overall hassle of flying (especially under Covid restrictions) still put me off this type of travelling, but I know it will be the only feasible option when my sister and I (hopefully!) go to Yorkshire next summer.

  4. I have always enjoyed our visits to Arizona Mary - have been to Tucson several times over the years. It is a beautiful state.

  5. Dearest Mary,
    Glad you arrived without any delays or major problems.
    Did drive back and forth to Atlanta today and it was extremely busy on the I-75 Southbound. We saw cars from all kind of states. Probably headed to Florida.
    We had no problems, using the Express Lane and the HOV Lane. But for truckers I feel bad for their hours of standing in traffic jam...
    Happy Thanksgiving you you and yours!

  6. How exciting Mary. I look forward to more pictures and stories about your visit to Arizona, such a different part of the United States. xx

  7. Wonderful! My kitchen window used to look out to the army insignia on the side of the mountain. Have a wonderful time with Bob's family.

    1. Vee , my BIL said it’s no longer here - they changed commands some years ago.
      The mountains are still lovely though - I’m sure you recall them.
      Hugs from Sierra Vista- here until tomorrow🌵

  8. You have a wonderful view out that window! I'd be gazing out instead of getting my work done!
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