Monday, November 29, 2021

Tucson Mountain Park -

Yesterday,  a very warm day with not a cloud in the clear blue sky,
we ventured away from the city for some time exploring the
mountainous desert countryside.  Saguaro cacti, prickly pear, 
scrub bushes cover the hills and valleys
To many of us this is a lot different from where we live - myself
 included where I'm surrounded by massive oaks, hickories, 
magnolia and pines etc.
This land is stunning scenery of a much different kind.
Every morning we awake to sunshine and clear blue 
skies - must say I love that part of Arizona living - however
tomorrow we'll be packing up and heading home to chilly
North Carolina now certainly carpeted in rusty colored 
leaves and early morning frosts.

 Thanksgiving travel, seeing family, and enjoying a change of pace 
has been wonderful, but heading home will be pleasant too, and I will
 need to "get my skates on" and start on preparations for what will be
 a quiet Christmas.

More from Raleigh later this week.


  1. Dearest Mary,
    We always loved Arizona, especially for travel during the for us colder months.
    There are 7 posts under my labels about Arizona.
    So we fully understand you enjoying this too.
    Have a safe trip home and get adjusted to some cooler weather.

  2. The break from all your usual routines and places was certainly good!
    I don't mind cold weather this time of year; somehow, it befits the Advent period - probably because I've always lived here, where it gets cold in winter.

  3. There are so many kinds of beauty in this world. I've never been to Arizona, but the warmth and blue skies look lovely, especially now. Safe travels to your home.

  4. We could do with some of that blue sky and warm sunshine here - snow yesterday.

  5. What a sky!!! That really is a breath of fresh air! The warm days and near guaranteed sunshine must make such a difference to life and the way it is lived.

  6. Mary, is this a driving trip? Yes, Tucson has a beauty all its own. M was born in Tucson, though didn't live there long. His dad was military. He has a brother who moved back to Tucson after retiring. Safe travels and happy holidays!

  7. Safe travels home Mary! I love Tucson! My grand-kids live there! It is certainly different from where you and I love and beautiful and HOT! I hope that you had a wonderful time.

  8. Beautiful photos Mary! I love seeing the cactus. Speaking of getting your skates on, we had snow today, it's really lovely (ask me again in March lol)! :)

  9. I don't want to disparage Arizona; my son was born there, but North Carolina is more my speed. 😉 It was nice o see the saguaros...they've hardly grown an inch.

  10. There is something so beautiful in the landscape in Arizona. I loved visiting there and being surrounded by it for awhile. Happy return home!

  11. The blue of the sky is really breathtaking ❤️.


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