Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Welcome rain. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . brought much needed moisture to the garden, along with a 
 number of birds. They've returned to spend what hopefully will be a
mild and manageable winter here in the southeastern states.  
Of course most of our southern garden birds are non-migratory, however
 they often seem hidden from view in autumn. Now they are definitely hungry
 at the feeders, and looking for a warm place for the night.
Our garden has a lot of trees and shrubbery to hide in, and the hanging 
ferns are left up on the porch, perhaps not looking their best, but the
 Carolina wrens have always made them their 'bedrooms' in winter - and
 they are my favorite little birds so I like to know they are safe and warm.

"Our pair" of Northern flickers appeared in the garden at the feeder yesterday.
They've been 'on holiday' somewhere else for a while.
One of the larger woodpeckers, so beautifully feathered and welcomed always.

The Knockout roses are still blooming, not much else is now!
Though wet outside this morning, yesterday was sunny, bright blue skies, 
and calm. Bob raked more leaves, easier when they are dry and the wind, 
which was so blustery on Monday, had gone. Our pile at the street is
 now a mountain and the city won't return until January to vacuum them up. 
The pickup is no longer done three times, cut back now to two, which is
 not good. Raleigh, with so many trees and officially known as the
 City of Oaks, is now swamped with fallen leaves. . . . . .and there are
 still more to fall!

This morning I was up early, before sunrise and 'visited' some favorite
 blog friends back in jolly old England - as they were five hours ahead 
and already up and enjoying a busy day no doubt 
I really loved friend Pat's post - she's in the Yorkshire Dales at her always
 great blog Weaver of Grass.  
Her interesting discussion is on dealing with cold weather back in the
 early days when we now older British gals and guys were kids.
Following WWII, we were "deprived" of central heating, and other comforts 
today's kids have never known about, much less experienced.
Go read her post and the great comments - I left one too about my knickers! 
 Makes one so grateful for what we have today.
Pat's posts often bring back childhood memories and I love that.

Have a good one. I'm staying inside today, making lists, checking them 
twice, and trying to get organized.


  1. Dearest Mary,
    Thanks for mentioning Pat's blog and I'm following this spunky lady and also commented on her post.
    So true about the luxuries we all know now!
    It is pouring down here... so the exterior will not get further painted this week.
    Hate such interruptions by the weather as we've requested this already in April. Due to a wet spring and summer, we only had them come over end of October... And now they moved to inside painting at an apartment.
    Don't know if my 2021 goal for being DONE around Christmas will still be feasable.
    But there is always something to be done, lots of things.
    Yesterday I've scrubbed the tile floor in the Rose Suite's living room after I'd let the 'fumes' from the painters (uhm, not them literally; but their paint...!) dissipated as I hate to work in them.
    So much work to be done still and I went the old fashioned Dutch way, working with DRIE HOEK ZACHTE ZEEP (MILD GEL SOAP) that is being whipped up with a whisk in hot water. It is avaialbe in the US at Vander Veen's Dutch Store in Michigan.
    The house smells so fresh when using it and I did work with my mopping cloth around a squeeze with vinegar added to the water.
    You certainly need a good back for doing these chores!
    We also enjoy our new Miele vacuum cleaner as the one from the mid- 80s is now used in the garage and for our car.
    But frankly, I don't like to clean much when it rains as we track in so much...
    But we have a warm and cozy place; what a luxury!

    1. OMG Mariette, you are so amazing doing all that cleaning! I used to be that diligent in my younger days but fear my housekeeping abilities are fading fast. Still mostly neat and tidy, picked up and put away, a quick dust and Swiffer of the floors - Bob runs the vac on the stairs whilst my back is so bad - the rest will have to wait until next year!!!!!
      Yes, warm and cozy is what matters mostly nowadays.
      Off to write more cards now.
      Mary -

  2. Northern Flickers are such pretty birds and I am happy to see them here occasionally, but never in our garden, only in the forest. I enjoy reading Pat's blog, too, although I've never left a comment. How things have changed in such a short while. Enjoy your day indoors, Mary.

    1. Yes Pat writes so well - I hope I can keep going until I'm her age! I was so concerned when she broke her hip a year ago, however she's done so well and has an amazing positive spirit. She is one of the far away bloggers I would love to meet.
      Pat we're all thinking of you dear.

  3. Glad you got the much needed rain! Your photos are always a joy to see.

    1. Rain has ended, just enough to make all those leaves soggy, haha!

  4. I read Pat's blog too ... don't leave tons of comments, but I so appreciate her approach to living, the way she overcomes challenges. As always, your photography skill amazes me.

    1. Glad you follow Pat - she really is an inspiration.
      Thanks for your kind comment on my photos Helen, I find myself using just my iPhone a lot more now - didn't even take a camera to Arizona - a first for me when traveling - and liked having less to carry on the plane!

  5. I will take a look at those blogs:) Your bird is very pretty, I would love to have a bird feeder but I know my cat would be there all the time!

  6. If your birds are like ours then many of them moult their feathers during autumn and hide away while they regrow smart new plumage for the winter. Others "take a holiday in the country" and feed on ripe grain either growing in the fields or spilled by the harvest operations. Once this feed source is exhausted they return to our gardens, especially those with feeders. Pat's thoughts and recollections are always interesting, aren't they?

  7. Whoever comes to Pat's blog is there to stay - we all love her, and what she writes, don't we!
    Enough rain here at the moment, and mostly grey skies; a bit of snow would be nice, but sun even nicer.
    Another two weeks of work, then I'll be done for this year!!

  8. Oh, me too - making lists upon lists! So much to do, but we love it all. That is so sweet that the wrens can find shelter in your hanging ferns. We have little wrens under our hedges, so cute. The idea of so many Autumn leaves falling always intrigues me, as we do not experience that. Leaves just fall a little bit all year round here. When visiting Canada, I first saw bags of leaves outside houses, waiting to be collected. I'm off to look at Pat's blog, it sounds good. xx

  9. Welcome back pretty birds. Looking forward to seeing more of your fabulous bird portraits.

  10. I always love your bird pictures so much. Flickers is one we enjoy in our garden too. They are magnificent.
    Now I am off to read your friend, Pat's, blog.


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