Saturday, November 26, 2022

Amaryllis time again!

I was checking new amaryllis bulbs at the store this week and shocked to see how much they've increased in price this season. These are the old amaryllis bulbs planted in the garden last Spring after perhaps the third or fourth year of indoor blooming. They didn't bloom again in the garden as they did last year, but grew tall, healthy leaves all Summer. I dug up the bulbs and trimmed the leaves and roots in September, then kept them in the potting shed until repotting again early in November. Today when I raised the dining room blinds to let the lovely sunshine in, I saw a change. Tinges of green again!  They won't bloom for Christmas, more likely in mid-January. I'm so excited and grateful. Sometimes I lack patience, waiting about bothers me and I just want to get on with things. Perhaps the couple of pandemic years changed much of that. Having more time I am more attune to waiting for things to happen. Or am I getting old and slowing down?  Have to be honest here!

Tomorrow we'll be off to the coast for a few days and I can hardly wait to see the ocean, walk the beach, and enjoy fresh seafood. Weather includes some rain but at least one day should be warmish and sunny. . . . . .perhaps we can dip our toes while waving across the vast Atlantic to family and friends on the other side of the pond!

Enjoy your after-Thanksgiving weekend. Before you know it, if you haven't already started, pulling out the storage boxes and decorating for Christmas will be underway. That's at the top of my list for when I return to town.


  1. Mine are in a similar state, just a bit of green appearing. I'm not 'doing' Christmas this year, I just cant.

    1. Understand how this year it will be hard to celebrate after losing your dear Malcolm. Best to just relax and hold him close in your memories. We'll be thinking of you dear Barbara xx

    2. Hello Elizabeth, I fully sympathize with you. We lost my Dad and a friend as close as a brother within a few weeks from each other. My Mum and my Dad were together for 62 years and so it is particularly hard for her to adjust to life without him. But the three of us (Mum, sister and I) are still going to ‚do‘ Christmas; we feel we need to do this for ourselves.
      I wish you all the calmness of mind and peace of heart you need now.

  2. Dearest Mary,
    Good luck with your Amaryllis in forcing them to grow leaves a 2nd time this year...
    Enjoy your weekend at the beach!

  3. With the prices I saw when I checked on amaryllis, I can not justify purchasing any. I was planning to take one as a hostess gift to my daughter. In hindsight she tells me that she is very glad that didn't work out as she doesn't care for them.😵‍💫 They were $36 for the bulb and I would also need to purchase a pot and the soil and some moss.

    Yours look marvelous and healthy. You'll have blooms before you know it.

    Enjoy those walks on the beach...sounds lovely!

  4. My amaryllis and paperwhites are just barely beginning to show a bit of green. I don't mind that they don't bloom for Christmas as it gives me something to anticipate in January. Enjoy your trip to the coast.

  5. I just love amaryllis! It´s the queen of Christmas :)
    Love, Titti

  6. Dipping your toes in the Sea at the end of November? Brrr!!! Anyway, enjoy your trip and then the decorating for Christmas - I know it will all look beautiful!
    My first bits of Christmas decor goes up today, and the first candle on the Advent wreath will be lit.

  7. Any coastal land that opens directly to the ocean sounds great to me. Even in cool weather, the ocean looks fantastic, the sand between the toes feels delicious and the fresh food on the other side of the road smells delicious..
    If you get a fine, warm day, even better :)

  8. Dear Mary,
    Can't wait to see what your Amaryllis will look like this year. As I recall you had some spectacular Apple Blossom Amaryllis. I would love to join you and Bob for a seaside stroll. Take lots of pictures for us.

  9. Oh, Mary, I was shocked at the price of bulbs too. I've not bought any as yet. I always plant my bulbs in the garden after they bloom, and generally they rebloom for me in the garden.
    Enjoy your time at the coast. That sounds delightful. I love to walk on the beach, but not much on getting into the ocean. Happy Holidays!

  10. I always love your amaryllis. We usually do paperwhites and occasionally an amaryllis. We are quite late with the paperwhites; so we might not see them until January. January would be just perfect for me.


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