Monday, November 28, 2022

Down to the sea. . . . . .

Arrival at the coast yesterday was somewhat rough. We eventually
 left the rain behind, dealt with very high winds, and had a wonderful
day and evening at our favorite places.
This morning, granddaughter Jasmin and I were up early taking
photos of the sunrise from our hotel balconies.
Now off to breakfast, a beach walk and a coastal drive in really
great late Autumn weather.

They never cease to grip me in their vast beauty. Oceans, this one the
 Atlantic . . . . . . and waking early to catch the perfect 
sunrise was so worthwhile.


  1. ahhh the fresh air, the blue water, the white top of the waves, the fresh salty smell, the clean sand... who would want to live anywhere else?

  2. From Helen in Bend ~~ your photos are gorgeous! I especially like the image of two people dwarfed by the majesty of the Atlantic. Enjoy!

  3. Dearest Mary,
    It must have been windy as we too had wind gusts of up to 29 mi/hr.
    But we did bike in a rather balmy sunshine with 72°F.
    Lovely photos and no doubt you enjoyed your time with Jasmin.

  4. That golden path across the water...*swoon*
    Is that Bob and Jasmin walking on the beach so bright and early?

    1. No, Bob was still sleeping and Jasmin was in her room at the other end of the 7th floor hallway - we waved to one another from our balconies as we each took photos! Later following breakfast the three of us spent a couple of hours on the beach - weather perfect today, warm and full sun. . . . . . .the water felt comfortably warm as we paddled!!!!! More photos later.

  5. So very gorgeous! I do love the sea at sunrise or sunset. For us it is sunset and for you it would indeed be sunrise for a most stunning sight. So happy you had this time together.

  6. There is really nothing like the sea for making one relax, or think about much or little. Both of these images are just gorgeous, Mary. I'm glad you had a good time!

  7. Yes, it was well worth getting up early to take those pictures, they are wonderful!
    I am glad you are having (or had?) a good time there by the Sea.

  8. Beautiful ...... have a wonderful time. XXX


  9. 'I must go down to the sea again, to the sea and lonely sky and.... I am so jealous.

  10. I greatly appreciate your gorgeous dawn photos, dear Mary, for that time of day is as good as a foreign country to me, hahah! Have a lovely seaside holiday!


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