Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beach days are ahead.............

Recently, after a good clean up of the pollen-smothered gazebo, I decided to organize the potting shed.  Found my two large white ceramic shell bowls purchased years ago, and my shell collection from the beaches of North Carolina - plus a few really lovely ones from some far off exotic island, found in a shell shop!  Decided it was time to bring them out of hibernation in readiness for Summer.  Yes, another season will be here before we know it!

I found the pretty shell encrusted tureen at a church thrift shop a few weeks ago - it has a crack but that's OK because I won't be putting soup in it!  It was only $8 which I think was a fabulous bargain.

Heaven's a little closer........
In a house........
...........By the sea.

I popped into the same thrift shop at the weekend. Found these three vintage tile coasters.  The illustrations and beautiful writing were worth so much more than the 25 cents each price tag.......perfect for my table.

If my dreams could all come true ~~~
Paradise would be ~~~
~~ In a little bungalow ~~~
Somewhere by the sea. 

I grew up by the sea and really miss being able to get to the beach without the two hour drive. I'll be on the New England coast during our annual July vacation trip - then down to the North Carolina coast in the Autumn when it's cooler.  Meanwhile, a bit of beachy feeling is here in my back garden!

The crying gulls ~~~~~~
The thundering surf ~~~~~~
The song of the sea ~~~~~~~
All are..............
............Music to my ears.
All words on the coasters by D. Morgan, 1993


  1. I love those coasters - what a marvellous find. They make me think of Maine, my favourite of the US staes that I've visited.

  2. Mary,
    cannot hear the surf this morning - all is calm. Bright blue sky and sun just catching the windows of the houses down in the valley.

    Mary, where did you get this blog template from. so much better than the 3 columned one - leaves room for bigger photos etc.

  3. I lived most of my life by the ocean, and I really miss it. I can close my eyes and smell the ocean. It always brings peace to my soul.

    Beautiful post, Mary.

  4. Fabulous dear!!! I really loved going to shop, perhaps you could take me there again? There were so many good things and the prices are right. Love the Sea themed Gazebo, looks so beautiful!! Love, Vanessa ps. see you soon!

  5. Love those ceramic shell bowls. I grew up on a lake in Michigan and summer just doesn't seem the same with out water, rowboats, fishing and swimming.

  6. Beautiful photographs, they make me long for summer.
    I'm always amazed at the wonderful things everyone seems to find at thrift shops, why would anyone not want to keep those lovely coasters?

  7. ...ahhh there are NO BEACHES like north carolina beaches...my sweet family spent 29 summers on holden beach...and sometimes i am so homesick for that little island that it hurts...you have a lovely blog...

  8. The tureen is gorgeous! I love the breezy, seaside feel you've given the gazebo. Makes me long for the beach too.

    I saw your fig on the last post, I just posted about a "Fig Fantasy" menu. We are both longing for those delightful ripe figs!

    Like the new blog

  9. My parents own a home on the coast of NC. We love it. Me and my girls used to spend weeks at the time there when they were little. Now, they can't get away from their friends for more than a few days at the time. Carla

  10. Recently I visited Pottery Barn and another home decorator shop. Both shops were full of sea shells. I fell in love with them. Your tureen is beautiful even with the crack. I know what you mean about being close to the ocean. I am about 1 1/2 hours away and wish I was closer. I would be there all the time. When I lived in Kansas that was the thing I missed the most. Just knowing the ocean is nearby makes my heart sing.

  11. I love your little touch of beach right in your own backyard. Maybe we should have a blog retreat at the beach...that would be fun! Have a great week. Had another injection today...this is getting really old!

  12. Your blog is so nice .I think it would be fun to live by the water .I lived in Panama, the Canel Zone many years ago . Put not on the water.LauraQ

  13. Hi Mary, your beach theme is so lovely. Everything you have assembled there is perfection. Those coasters - just the right thing to go with your seashells and magazines. That gazebo of yours is such a treat and I always like to see how you decorate it. Thank you for sharing it with all of us; I can imagine sipping iced tea there with you.

  14. You find the neatest items--I love all of these and you display them so beautifully! Thanks for sharing!!!
    xoxo Gert


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