Monday, April 12, 2010

Back at the Depot...............

Remember my recent trip to Concord, NC to visit the Depot grand opening at the Gibson Mill?  "Artsy Fartsy" Janna, "manager extraordinaire" steered me there, and my ever wonderful DH drove me there with Vanessa my best road trip friend - well actually everything friend! Janna has two booths of fabulous finds here, some of which I showed you previously at the Depot, and also her booths at The Sleepy Poet in Charlotte, NC.  Janna is a busy lady that's for sure, even making fabulous jewelery in between junking trips to the countryside and working!!  I love how these young women do so much with their time - just wish I could turn my clock back a few years, plus get a new back for the heavy lifting part, lol!

Well I promised more pics of the treasures offered in that huge space......and here they are.

Rachel of The Shepherds Fold Design and busy assistant manager at the Depot, has the prettiest chippy painted furniture and lots of interesting accessories...loved the baseballs in the shoeshine box.

Beth of Olde Tyme Marketplace whom unfortunately I didn't meet, but hope to next visit as she left me a lovely comment on my earlier post about the Depot, had gorgeous things beautifully displayed in her booth.  See the old French blue painted wooden wheels displayed in the silver cute is that?  I should have brought those home!

Other things caught my eye...........tons of them but  I couldn't photograph everything displayed in that 'Aladdin's Cave' covering the massive 88,000 square feet.  Here's a few, and another time I'll share the loveliest 'garden booth display' I've ever seen.

Yes, these words are true........and how great it is to repurpose, reuse and recycle history in and around our homes.

Tell me where you are hunting these bright Spring days!  The brocantes of France (you lucky ones!); neighborhood yard/garage sales early Saturday morning; local flea markets; antiques/vintage/thrift shops.......or even at the side of the road - amazing what some people just 'drop off'. 


  1. Mary, this definitely is a place I would love to visit. Where in Concord is it?

    We've been very busy in the yard, and busy trying to get everything we need in place for our new deck and terrace. We still haven't placed some of the things we have because we have been trying to wait out the pollen. I hate to have to wash down everything as soon as I get it out. Maybe next weekend. We also have to get a new pump for our fountain. That is on our list for next weekend, too.

  2. Mary, I love the pics, they all look fabulous!!!! Maybe next time on your trip if you have a day or so I can take you to Beth's store Olde Tyme Marketplace in Marshville! You would fall in love with her shop! Me and Rachel look forward to meeting with you again soon... hopefully we will have time to sit on the front porch over a cone of ice cream! Hugs, Janna

  3. I once found a small oak end table in someones trash. It has followed me over many moves. I am not searching for anything, but something that makes my heart sing. What love things just to see. I visited a mall last Saturday and though I didn't buy anything I was refreshed by just looking. I will post a few pictures tomorrow.

  4. Good morning Mary. Loved hearing from you this morning. It sounds like you are working awfully hard these past few days. Outside work is endless isn't it? I have done a little but I intend to go full out after my cousin leaves this Thursday. For a change no company in the near future. I love having company but right now I have pressing things to do before summer hits.

    I enjoyed the lovely things from Gibson Mill. I want to go there!!! I hope I can make it to Raleigh soon. I would love to see Vanessa too. I have lost contact with her when she stopped blogging. I know she will be thrilled to have her mom here for a visit. She is a darling girl.

    Don't work so hard Mary. Remember our age! HA! Even though I try to forget it!
    Love and wishes for a happy day.

  5. Oh Mary.... how I LOVE viewing all your beautiful treasures & photos.. What a delightful blog!!
    You are just the best at this..
    Love ~Mary~ :-}


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