Monday, April 19, 2010

Stop here to smell the roses....

On Friday a local grocery store had a great buy on long-stemmed roses ~ $6.99 a dozen! I was in heaven when confronted by the beautiful selection.  There were plenty of red, orange and bright pinks, but as you know, my faves are the 'shabby roses' in dusty washed out pink, pristine white and old fashioned cream.

I mixed two bunches ~ palest pink and cream ~ I know these will eventually dry to those gorgeous papery vintage shades and can remain in the house for quite a while as a lovely decoration.

Well they weren't directly from my sweetheart........but as he paid the grocery bill I couldn't resist thanking him for giving me such lovely roses!
I photographed the roses outside on my back deck, it was such a beautiful day and the strong shadows were most interesting.  Now they're next to me here on the dining room table sharing their delicate perfume.


  1. Mary..
    Just Gorgeous!!
    and the price!
    that made them even MORE beautiful!!
    glad you got two bunches!
    and I'm sure they'll be just as lovely..
    when dried!
    warmest hugs..

  2. What a gorgeous photo, pale roses and the Azaleas as well. Superb!

  3. Put the kettle on Mary, I'm on my way ( Volcanic dust permitting)

  4. They are so beautiful Mary....Because of you, I have now been drying my roses. Yesterday I bought some white ones and split the dozen between my powder room and the bedroom.

  5. What beautiful pictures! I wish they were scratch and sniff. I would love to smell them. Carla

  6. They are gorgeous Mary, and what a deal! Do you hang them upside down to dry?

  7. Such a gorgeous garden you have Mary - love your potting shed & gazebo ... and of course your roses :-)

  8. Truly wonderful. I like that you let them dry out and keep them around for a long time. Such an amazing price too!

  9. What a deal! The roses are very beautiful. Love seeing your yard as it transforms into a summer place.

  10. I love Oceana Roses, and that spicy smell.
    Beautiful post..

  11. So lovely...and yours to enjoy for a long time!
    Are you packed yet?

  12. The colors of the roses are superdeeduper! Makes me happy!

  13. Hi Mary, the soft pinks, whites, and creams are among my favorites too. I've never thought of drying them though. I'll have to remember to do just that. I dry my hydrangea blooms, and they last for years. I can just smell the fragrance from here. We've had lots of rain of late and the roses around town are amazing.
    Hope you are having a great week. Hugs ~ Sarah

  14. Beautiful roses! I need to get some like that to grow! I really loved that last photo too! Isn't it great to be able to be outside with beautiful spring colors?
    Take Care!

  15. Hi Mary, it is late and I just stopped by to say hello. I adore your roses. Mine are beginning to bud. Pink knockouts.

    I will make this quick and say goodnight. Bill will be calling me to bed so I will beat him to it. HA!
    Love and wishes for a happy day tomorrow, Jeanne

  16. It is so beautiful and superb collection of rosy rose. Rose and yellow roses are very beautiful among all types of roses collection. I also planted rose before two days, it takes time to grow-up fully.


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