Thursday, April 22, 2010

Natural order of things................

Large Antique French dough bowl, a little bit expensive but so gorgeous ~ purchased with the pine farm table two years ago.  I loved its burnt end, did the dough catch fire perhaps?  Picked it over the more perfect bowls!
Thought they belonged table and old wood bowl.

Giant spools of beautiful natural linen yarn found recently at Pirate's Chest flea market for $1.99 each, a steal!

My sweet roses, still quite lively and pretty to look at as I post and say good morning to each of you. 
Have a happy day.


  1. I am loving your new blog..The photos are clearer..Will you go back to the old one?

  2. Gorgeous colour palette!
    Do you have plans for that beautiful linen yarn??

  3. I love the dough bowl! I have always wanted one. The roses still look great. Hope you have a wonderful day. Carla

  4. To 'welltraveled'
    - I'll not be using old blog ACROSS THE POND anymore because I'm unable to post pix on it! Sad to let it go but am enjoying this new one - have lots of sidebar work still to do! I now use the Blogger In Draft option to post which enables larger photo format (but no spellcheck for some reason!). I agree that the photos seem clearer than before.

    Thanks for stopping by with comments - always nice to hear from you - do you have a blog? it won't allow me access when I click on your name!

    Happy day - Mary

  5. Hello Mary, your new Blog is also beautiful! I hall have to catch up with some of your posts. xx

  6. I love your wooden dough bowl and vintage linen yarn. You have such a wonderful way of putting things together...

  7. I love these photos!

    The dough bowl is gorgeous & the roses look so pretty - this could be a picture out of a french decor mag! :)

  8. What a pretty photo! You created a lovely vignette, Mary.


  9. Mary, loved receiving your newsy email. I'll respond shortly.
    I love the simplicity of a dough bowl. And you are so correct about the linen being a bargain. I recently ordered just a small spool for some journaling projects. I couldn't believe how expensive linen thread has become.
    Always enjoy my visits to your beautiful blog.
    Hugs to you ~ Sarah

  10. Love burnt bowl and your still soft pink roses. You inspired me to buy a bunch of similar colored roses at Costco yesterday. I hope they dry as beautifully as your do. The linen string is so delightful and what a buy. I found several balls of them a few months ago, maybe I will put them in my wood bowl. I like the look. Thanks so much for all you share.

  11. Love the dough bowl! And your flowers are still absolutely amazing!! Enjoy..


    xoxo Gert

  12. Oh Mary, I love the roses and the wooden bread bowl! By the way, I can't help but notice you are sitting at 9953 visitors-you are almost at another milestone:)!!! So excited for you. Can't wait to see you next week! Isn't it just gorgeous outside this time of year in NC? Lots to look at and smell---hugs, Mary Ann

  13. My day didn't turn out quite like it started, but in the scheme of things...all is good! Hope yours was too.

  14. I sat through an Auction one night to buy 2 of those wooden Bowls for my God Daughter. One was $100 and the narrow one 60. She loves them...


  15. I love the dough bowls. Something so special an earthy about them. Your new blog is fantastic!

  16. Mary,
    I was so happy to hear from you - I love the look of your new blog. Beautiful vignette.


  17. They're beautiful dear! Mom said it was great meeting you! She's so thankful for our friendship and she also said you're a wonderful woman. She loved the card and gifts and she'll treasure them for ever. I will give a call soon to talk about next week events. Love, Vanessa

  18. I've always wanted a dough bowl but never been lucky enough to find one, yours is lovely - a real link to the past. Your roses are beautiful too. I really like the header on your new blog too.

  19. Beautiful. Your blog is so pretty. Happy Pink Saturday. Winona

  20. That bread bowl is a perfect example of wabi-sabi. Which I always get mixed up with wasabi and so had to look it up yet again to make sure I got it right.


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