Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beautiful "Elaine"

Doulton's Elaine plates in my dining room

I'm so lucky!  I'm so grateful, and thankful, for such wonderful friends.  People who share their treasures without another thought........and hopefully don't have regrets later when they discover they've given away something old, so old there aren't many of them around anymore!

Lovely Susie, owner, with daughter Jenny, of SuzAnna's Antiques, my favorite place in town, is home recuperating from her recent back surgery.  Keeping a whirlwind woman like Susie down is nothing short of a fulltime job - and the sign hanging on her bedroom door 'NO BLT' doesn't mean bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches are off the menu today, but rather NO Bending, Lifting or Twisting allowed!

While visiting Susie at her adorable home and garden last week, I spied these three plates on the perfect chippy hutch aging in the garden.............and beneath a little weathered dirt and pollen, saw a beautiful floral pattern in grey, a couple of cracks and delicate crazing! My heart fluttered! I offered to buy them, Susie insisted on gifting me with them.....and I was over the moon with happiness. 

Searching for info. on this old pattern brought up little other than Doulton without Royal in front means the china was made before 1890.  There is none available at Replacements Ltd.  Notice the unusual raised swirls - after much soaking and scrubbing they really gleamed.  I would say these are salad size, too small for dinner and too large for side plates, and they are so perfect on my dining room dresser.

Susie said her huge collection of old plates meant she could always grab from the pile to toss around more in the garden - on her fabulous outdoor vintage furniture, to edge flower beds and birdbaths etc. I will understand if she wants these back....meanwhile I am just enjoying them more than I can say..........and holding my breath in hopes I can continue to give them a home as I love them so much!

Please stop by SuzAnna's Antiques blog and leave Susie a get well message - and remind her about BLT!  Meanwhile Jenny, Bruce (Susie's wonderful hubby), Gail, Sam, and other helpers are keeping the shop in tiptop shape and it's loaded with fabulous do stop by to shop.


  1. Awww, We love you Miss Mary! Thank you!

  2. They are really beautiful, Mary!


  3. Thank you, thank you for the timely reminder. I was just thinking about you yesterday ~ I am back where I should be ... following your blog!

  4. That's wonderful Mary!! Susie is such a nice gal! I hope she feels better soon!! I'm thinking about going to the shop this morning. I need to get my mind of "my special guest's visit... I'm going crazy! Love, Vanessa

  5. They are so perfect for your home Mary. What a wonderful friend Susie is. I have never met her, but she sounds like a lovely person. Please tell her I send my wishes of a speedy recovery....

  6. It is wonderful to be able to share a special treasure with a special friend. I'm sure Susie knows what a treasure these are for you. And, they are gorgeous.

  7. Mary..
    so beautiful..
    and rare..
    both the plates..
    and the friendship..
    warmest hugs to you..
    for the recuperating Susie..
    only laughing smiles..
    and the gentlest of hugs..

  8. Love your plates, Mary. They are beautifully displayed. You have a knack for that. Carla

  9. Lovely plates Mary and just right for your decor. I am keeping July 1st open and look forward to seeing you (and Bob and Jasmin) again!

  10. They are beautiful. I just love plates and pottery. I have a thing for cake plates. It is probably a good thing I have so little storage or my cupboards would overflow!

  11. Wow, they really cleaned up nicely. Perfect for your house!

    See you soon.

  12. They are beautiful and what a treasure! I have a friend that gives me such treasures. They are really treasured friends.

  13. I love those plates and how you have displayed them! I have just found your blog and been looking through your older posts! I love your photos so much!

    Im your newest follower!

  14. Such a good friend! Those plates are definitely very pretty, and I can see how you would like them!


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