Monday, April 26, 2010

Chattering in the green garden........

Pale yellow flowering jasmine along the side fence ~ opened its simple, delicate flowers and perfumed the entire back garden this weekend.  I left the upstairs bedroom window open on that side of the cottage and I can smell the thousands of tiny blossoms on the stiff breeze blowing through today. 

It's really amazing how the garden gets a real jump start after a Spring rain.  No matter how often one drags around a plastic hose to soak sleepy roots and shower dusty leaves, it takes a good soaking by Mother Nature to truly get things going......well, at least in my garden it does.

The Endless Summer hydrangeas are budding ~ definitely a welcome sight after the unusually cold Winter in North Carolina.  I may not see these fill out and open as I'll be far away in May, however I have a feeling those sparkling blue blossoms will be lighting up the front porch on my return.

Well I'll probably still need to find another source for a box full of juicy figs to make my favorite recipe from John Burton Race's French Leave cook book......Roasted Figs & Walnuts.
BUT ~ do you see it, tucked away between the beautiful palm-shaped leaves?  A fig, the first, and the little tree now growing happily in it's third year since planting.  We had three trees taken down here in January, perhaps the fig is happier with more sunshine beaming down on it.

.........and as if the perfumed fence in the back garden isn't pleasurable enough, the two white blooming jasmines on the front porch are also sharing their heady fragrance as I walk by.  This one on the outer end of the porch took a beating through the Winter and I was certain we had lost it.  I cut off all the dead wood and leaves and am thrilled that it seems to be thriving again....perhaps because I talked to it, encouraged it to try harder, because we love to sit on our little porch and breathe in the sweet scent.  Talking to one's plants and shrubs is encouraged..........we elderly gardening gals have earned this right, you younger ones can join us if you're brave!!

Do you grow perfumed plants?  What are your favorites?  And, most important, tell me if you chatter to your plants..............or am I the only strange one!


  1. No you aren't the one one, I am spending a lot of time talking to my clotted cream Jasmine which took a hit when we moved it up here, yesterday I noticed that it had leaves just breaking. I am thinkiing of putting it in a pot with a wigwam of canes by the door to the cottage, it will get sun from about 11am onwards.

  2. Definitely another strange one here! I always talk to my plants, and I'm sure it encourages them to do their best!
    Lovely photos, thank you.

  3. Gorgeous dear! How are you? Missing you! We've been having a fabulous time but mom feels so overwhelmed sometimes with the lack of the language... Hope you're enjoying the lovely weather. Love, Vanessa

  4. Your garden is looking lovely Mary. Yes, I plant scented plants. I love roses, lilacs, lavender...I do love jasmine too. Gardenias are a little to perfumey for me though.

    I would love to grow a climbing, flowery, scented, non thorny plant on my front porch columns, but I want it to stay green all winter. Does your Jasmine stay green?

  5. Good morning dear Mary, I am loving your photos today. You know the jasmine and the chandelier is my favorite. Next is the sweet fig in your tree. I am sure there are more to come. Everything is your garden is looking great. I found a sign at a yard sale I will share tomorrow. You will be amused. Come over today if you can. I am sharing a cute story about my cousin Marilyn.

    Happy gardening. I wish I could smell the lovely jasmine. My mother planted one by her bedroom window so she could smell them at night when she went to bed. She adored flowers and always kept fresh flowers in the house. Living in Florida made fresh flowers very available. She planted zinnias every year so she could cut them for the house all summer. I want to plant them too. Maybe this year.

    Have a happy day.
    Love and hugs, Jeanne

  6. I have lavender and roses in my yard. This year I put some stalk (stock?)in some pots. They have an incredible smell, If my wysteria ever blooms that would be another great fragrance in my yard.

  7. We have gardenias, which is one of my favourite fragrances. Also, honeysuckle in the very back of the garden, which provides and excellent basenote to everything. Jasmine climbs on the front porch, and a rose bush climbs over the bedroom bay window.

    And goodness, I chatter to everything!

  8. I always talk to my plants and any other inanimate objects that I think will listen.

  9. I don't chatter to my plants, but I love to caress them. Fragrance comes when the lavender and roses begin to bloom. That will be a few more weeks. Right now the lilac is blooming and I love to nuzzle my nose into the blossoms and take a big sniff.

    We have a small fig tree and I am hoping it grows alot this year. We have had about 5 figs from in in about 5 years. Love seeing your beautiful yard.

  10. I talk to my plants all of the time, even my veggie garden. I love, love, love jasmine. I don't know why I haven't planted any yet. I am looking for the right spot. I wish I could smell your pictures! Your flowers are looking great. Carla


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