Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Going Green in the Garden........

After sharing the loveliness of the colorful blooms in my garden, I decided to pop in this all-green post.  After all, there's always much more greenery than color..........and it stays fresh looking much longer.  Here are just a few green favorites - photos taken last week.

Above, the cut-leaf Japanese Maple in soft lime green.  Planted as a miniature 2 ft. tree a few years back, it's now 5 ft. tall and has spread out several feet to a width of about 6 ft.  I LOVE this tree which anchors the end of the side bed.  Each Winter I worry about losing it in the frigid weather but, after this last extremely cold season, I think it's healthier than ever!

Variegated Solomon's Seal with it's tiny dangling white flowers has spread nicely in a shady area of the back garden.  The leaves in front are wild violets which of course are impossible to eradicate completely - but than who wants to, they have such sweet purple flowers.

Know I've told you about the fig before - last year was the first time we gathered enough to actually make a dessert once or twice!  This tree, planted 3 years ago, is growing very fast and we already have fruits plumping up.  A batch of figgy jam perhaps this Summer!

The back garden, green and clean after rain a few days ago.  The white snowballs hanging low and now almost over.  Just visible on the back fence, a few white blooms on the very top of the climbing clematis. All our trees are now fully open.  From the green canopy we are still dusted with a light yellow pollen each day, this should end soon.

Thankful for all the many beautiful shades of green making up the bones of the garden and a perfect backdrop for the colors.

Because we are leaving for the UK next week, we've put off planting any Summer veggies.  By now we would have tomatoes well on their way. Have decided to wait until our return, which will not be too late to plant, so we don't spend our vacation concerned about watering etc.


  1. Love all the shades of green. They really make a garden look cool and calming.

  2. Your garden greenery is beautiful Mary. Have a wonderful time on your trip...

  3. Mary, I love your garden and all its shades of green! Just beautiful! I grew Solomon's Seal in NJ when we had the farm. I haven't tried it since we moved to NC. Have a great time in the UK!!

  4. I love seeing all the pretty green in your yard, that is one thing to be grateful for after all the snow and rain! And figs!! Still haven't tried one yet!

    Have a wonderful trip, Mary!


  5. Your garden is so beautiful....The shades of green are so lovely!!! Have a wonderful time in the UK. Stay safe...

    xoxo Gert

  6. I love all of the green. And, the greens are so pretty and fresh when they first arrive each Spring.

    We were relaxing on the deck this weekend, and we were talking about all of the wonderful green.

    Gorgeous post, Mary. Thank you for the lovely Easter greeting.

  7. What a pretty obelisk you have! Japanese maples are hearty. They thrive in Holland's cold weather. We had to move one though and it is looking a little worse for the wear as some branches broke when being handled so it had to be cut way back. Our is a rusty red color in both the front and back gardens.

    Solomon's Seal is native to the woods by Cranberry Cottage. You have a large grouping of it.

    Hugs from Holland ~
    Heidi...who is jealous of your going to the Lake District. :-)

  8. I love figs, not jam or pie.......just plain, jiucy, fresh figs...

  9. Oh green has its loveliness too with so many different shades! Hopefully you will have plenty of figs this year. I still need to purchase a fig tree too.
    Take Care,


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