Friday, April 29, 2011

Britain's best.....................

Was it worth getting up at 5 AM to watch a spectacular morning evolve in London?  You bet it was!
I cried (especially when 'Jerusalem' was sung).
I smiled when Prince Harry cracked a joke.
I loved our gracious Queen - who will never abdicate! 
I felt proud to be British.....................
.............................................and when Prince William gave his bride those sideways grins and she responded with her radiant smile............I felt the future of the monarchy secure, and wonderful. 

Congratulations to this lovely couple...........Great Britain's future King and Queen.


  1. Hi dear! I was up early too! What a beautiful celebration... I was crying here too. I always get so emotional... it really is like a fairy tale... Have a great day!! Love, Vanessa

  2. I'm at work so I'm really thankful for internet today! They looked really beautiful and happy. I wish Charles would step aside and for William to be the next king, I like him so very much!

  3. I'm so glad I tuned in and watched. What a beautiful celebration!

  4. So much hope...weddings always make me smile and cry! They seem so "right" for each other, I hope the media will give them some space.

  5. Beautiful ceremony! I think Kate's smile says it all. Indeed the future of the monarchy is in good hands. Congratulations to this charming couple. ~ Sarah

  6. It was a lovely ceremony and a gracious couple. It will be interesting to see where their lives take them.

  7. and so say all of us!
    Wasn't it all just splendid, we really know how to put on a show don't we?
    Makes me even more proud to be British.

  8. I agree with every word and sentiment you expressed. Tears still stain my cheeks ....

  9. i was watching the wedding also after i came from school, just on right time to see Catherine to step out of a car. her gown was so beautiful.

    soon we well see!!!

  10. MARY; I FEEL EXACTLY THE SAME WAY AS YOU DO. bUT there is now this one disadvantage to living in California. I got up at 1;30 am and even drank caffeinated coffee! But once awake there was no going back to sleep. I am a very proud Brit. today.

  11. Hi Mary, Two of my sisters, my niece and I woke up at 4:30 and gathered at my sister's home who lives behind me to watch the beautiful wedding of the year. It was so Lovely and very happy that it really moved me too. The entire event was flawless and perfect. Even the weather was beautiful. You should be proud to be English, because it does give one hope that the monarchy shall be secure for many years to come. We LOVED each special moment and there were "many" special moments. Long live the Queen! Smile.

    Have a wonderful trip Mary. I know how much it means to you to go "home" for a visit.
    Love, Jeanne

  12. I don't think any Brit could NOT feel terribly proud particualrly when the stirring Jerusalem was sung in the Abbey's splendour.

    Watching it here, stateside was of course not quite as much fun. In fact, except for my friend and I, we were the only ones watching it in this hotel lobby we drove to to get TV coverage. Later, others came in and ate breakfast and barely any one even looked at the screen. To be expected though.

    Since then (got up at 3:00 my time), I have been glued to the internet with my shoddy reception reading every bit of news I can. Msut admit, I'm not exactly a Royalist one bit, in fact finding most of them anything but "Royal," but my hope was renewed with Willim and Kate and how in touch with the people they seem.

    The christian ceremony was lovely, the Abbey stunning with history in full display. I loved too seeing how William is so obviously happy and in love with with Kate too. Wonderful.

    How refreshing too to see Brits actually celebrate being British!

  13. Well said Mary. I was up at 5:00 too and watched it all. It was so lovely. What a beautiful couple. They are coming to Canada this summer and I am tempted to go to Prince Edward Island to see them. Pamela

  14. Oh yes Mary..I was magical and well worth getting up early and watching! Aren't they just such a lovely couple?? You are very lucky to a Brit!!! smile...

    xoxo Gert

  15. Have been re-watching clips on the BBC and snuffling happily. 5 a.m. was a bit too much, I'm afraid. What a beautiful dress, and bride, and groom, and entire spectacle. So wonderful.

  16. Thank God for Great Britain!!
    The wonderful pomp and ceremony that only they can do with such aplomb.
    I agree with your sentiments Mary.
    William and Kate are just what the monarchy needs in the 21st century!

    I recorded the entire day so every now and then during the day I relax with a cup of tea and watch it again - marvellous!!
    And Catherines dress was magnificent - I adored the detail of the high neck echoing the collar of Prince Williams guard's jacket.


  17. I was up too! My German side has always kept up with the royals, and they certainly showed us a grand display!
    Take Care,


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