Friday, April 22, 2011

A rose is a rose..............

.............its beauty never fails to delight the eye,
and the nose shares in the soft yet powerful perfume.....used for centuries to enhance water, food, and perfume.

This Spring my stunning Peace rose is doing so well, maybe the best ever.  Everything, including two large hydrangea shrubs, was severely pruned back last Autumn in order to paint the exterior of the house.  The only losses from pruning, plus perhaps the unusually cold Winter here were, sadly, our Confederate Jasmines on each end of the porch..........which I'm in the process of replacing with healthy new plants.

Fortunately the terrible tornado of last Saturday did not destroy our garden........other than damage to the azalea bushes already in full bloom.

This month, everything is blooming beautifully.........besides the roses in this front bed, there are peonies, pansies, bluebells, alliums, clematis...........and I've added geraniums in pots.  My dining room window looks out to this bed, and here I sit at the table enjoying the blooms as I write my blog! In the far bed in front of the master bedroom bay window there is another Peace rose with many buds starting to open. 

Yesterday, after an early morning shower, the first blooms were fully open, the delicate perfume filled the air........such gorgeous flowers, and several more buds starting to plump up.  Looks like my roses will be lovely for another week or so. Very happy to be enjoying them prior to leaving for the UK.


  1. I'm glad they came out to visit you before your trip. Have a Happy Easter Mary.

  2. Just stopped in to wish you a very Happy Easter. Love your garden and seeing roses from your famous front porch would be heaven!!! We just planted up roses and moved some already in this garden. They have not been taken care of and I do not know if they will make it. I am afraid to cut them back this year too much.

    Happy Easter to you and Bob!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  3. Your garden, and the roses in particular, looks very healthy and its good that you can enjoy it all before you go away. Have a very blessed Easter and enjoy your trip 'home'.

  4. Wishing you a perfect weekend.

  5. Beautiful post!! Hope the weather holds out here in the UK for you, it has been so warm and vibrant the last three days

  6. Mary, Your roses are beautiful. I had my first rose last week and two more are blooming now. I do not know what kind they are but they are a beautiful red velvet. The roses are from my mothers rose bush that has been transplanted twice now! Been missing you...out of the blogging loop! Hugs, Donna

  7. Oh Mary..I just "love" Peace Roses...they are amazing! I use to have them years ago. Your flowers are so pretty, I could just enjoy them everyday!!! Can I come to visit??? lol

    Blessings and have a wonderful Easter.

    xoxo Gert

  8. How nice to stroll through your garden. Thank you!
    Happy Easter, Mary. ~ Sarah

  9. The Peace rose is one of my favourites, good to see it thriving in your lovely garden.
    Happy Easter from Normandy.

  10. I am sooo happy that the tornado missed you! Sometimes a good pruning brings things back to life, and I must admit I hate to prune as I always wonder if it will come back!
    Take Care,


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