Friday, April 15, 2011

Friends at SuzAnna's......

Me, framed in Vanessa's beautiful mirror - note her pretty tags.

This week, on a perfect sunny, wind free (we've been having a lot of strong breezy days and are expecting very stormy high winds tomorrow) Spring day, I had fun fluffing the booth, and catching up with friends at SuzAnna's Antiques.  I even got to meet a couple of delightful young gals who 'escaped' from their little ones for an hour or so and discovered SuzAnna's for the very first time. Squeals of joy were heard as they pounced upon vintage and antique treasures, announcing they had no idea there was such a fabulous shopping venue right here in Raleigh.

More from Vanessa's lovely new booth - we now have our own space next to each other.  She painted and reupholstered two of these beautiful chairs, recovered the burlap lamp shade, stitched the pillow, and brought in lots of delightful shabby chic items.

Dealer/part time SuzAnna's employee, Laurie, moved her antique finds from Atlanta to Raleigh last year, much to our delight...........such as this gorgeous hand built primitive wooden boat.  Definitely one of a kind, she has displayed it well with antique oars and life preserver ring.......makes one want to rush to the shore and hunt for a little fisherman's cottage to fix up!  

This farm table it's resting on is amazing.  It has old distressed blue-grey paint on the legs and apron, wide plank top........and I would love to have it for my kitchen if it was just a tad smaller!

Our wonderful Sam, a real life antiques dealer who knows the history of France from his amazing finds of many years (lots of his treasures have come home with me), still wowing us with beautiful items such as this sconce..............

..................and this fabulous solid cherry chest which has industrial iron casters to move it about easily.  Sam is having a great clearance sale to enable him to unload more stuff here to tempt us...........he's hiding tons of old, but new to us, French and European treasures in his storage place.  
Bring it on in Sam, we're ready!

Off to do more garden chores now - will show you how pretty it looks next time.  Spring has definitely sprung and, as long as the coming storms aren't too severe, the blossoms and blooms will be perfect for Easter.


  1. Self portraits, or photographs as in this case, are always wonderful to view, especially when the subject is as beautiful as you! Your DH, Bob

  2. Thanks dear, can always use a compliment! At least you know where I'm hanging out when you're out of town!

  3. Some day I will get SuZanna's. That's my vow. You look fabulous, by the way.


  4. That primitive wooden boat is fabulous and I love that cherrywood chest too. I think I shall have to move to North Carolina!

  5. Oh dear! Thank you! You always make the most wonderful shots. Love you! Vanessa

  6. I love Bob's comment!! He is such a sweetheart. I love all those goodies at SuzAnna's.


  7. Looks like you have a not so secret things in the shop. Wish I could go visit and hope to someday..

  8. Gorgeous stuff! Happy Easter and enjoy the sunshine and blossoms.

  9. Everything is just beautiful, Mary, but I'd really like that boat and the set of oars in the picture below it for the lakehouse!! Very neat!

    We are going to be in Asheville from the 14th to the 21st of April...will you be in England then?

    Love Bob's little note!


  10. Vanessa's booth looks so lovely! I love to see what you girls are selling!

  11. Love all the pretty things! Such charm, no wonder everyone wants to visit!
    Take Care,


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