Saturday, April 16, 2011

This week in the garden................

Lots of blooming going on.............color popping out all around the April garden.....

..................the long awaited Spanish bluebells are ringing around my garden.  I've been tucking in the tiny bulbs for several years and now they are spreading into larger clumps.  Of course the wild English bluebells I grew up with, carpeting the woods under massive oaks, are bluer. I have fond memories of tramping through bluebell woods to flop down in the middle and just inhale the deep blue perfume of Spring.  Spanish ones are best for the garden here as they don't mind warm, bright sunshine, and grow tall on strong stems.

The garden is glorious with azaleas now blooming, just in time for Easter..........

............the loose and blowzy pink George Taber being my favorite.

Snowball days are history, until next Winter, but the snowball bush is covered with blooms.

Don't look too closely at that peeling painted chair - part of a set which is going to get a new paint job soon, just a bit too shabby at present!

The always bright and beautiful clematis.  Somehow this one above is sporting two different colors this year.  Perhaps at one point I planted two, who knows in my garden, it's full of surprises! It's climbing up the birdhouse post.............the one below is slowly climbing the front porch.

Happy gardening days to those of you who like to dig in the dirt!


  1. Your blooming garden is beautiful. I love the Spanish Bluebells.

  2. You really take some fabulous photos. Everything is so beautiful especially the snowballs.

  3. Very beautiful signs of Spring blooming in your world. You must NOT have deer. Happy weekend...

  4. Your garden looks wonderful to me - so colourful. I believe I have wild bluebells growing under our pine tree every year. I didn't plant it there and it comes up every year and we mow it off. ;-( Your climatis is so pretty. It is cool here yet and the ground is still frozen in parts of the yard and garden and I am so longing for some colour. Thank you for sharing your colour today. Blessings, Pamela

  5. Mary, I love your flowers and gardens! You have some beautiful azaelas, they make the gardens so alive!

  6. Dear Mary - How does your garden grow?....
    Beautifully!!! such amazing azaleas, I'm very envious.
    Isn't Spring the most wonderful time in our gardens. It seems every day there is a new treasure appearing. Perennials are like old friends returning each year to visit and brighten up our lives!
    Your right, nothings beats the English bluebell of depth of colour - maybe climate helps.
    So nice to to visit your blog again - your header is lovely - is it new??

  7. Beautiful flower pictures. Hope all is calm in your area after those seriously scary tornadoes on Saturday.

  8. i love to see these beautiful photos of your garden. i noticed few days ago that some creature have ben maybe eating spanish bluebell bulbs, which i planted under the apple tree and it seems also that just one snowdrop has awaken under the snow... hopefully some bulbs would have saved.

    soon we will see Mary!! so soon.

  9. Your garden looks absolutely gorgeous, what lovely colours....

  10. Oh what a beautiful have the most wonderful flowers I've seen for a long time.

    xoxo Gert

  11. Your garden looks beautiful. I can hardly wait to get back to Chicago and see what is up in my shade garden. The bleeding hearts are always up but Chicago had a 1" snow yesterday and temps in the lower 30's. apparently set a record so I might not have as much as I think.

    Have a great trip home to England and will look for your usual gorgeous photos when you return.



  12. I have that exact same pink one! Mine is so huge, about 1/4 of the size of our house! My snowball did not bloom this year as I had moved it, and now I am going to have to move it again since we will probably build a storm shelter where it is. Sigh, what our plants go through....and my back!
    Take Care,


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