Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cardinal red................

No, it's not snowing in North Carolina!  However, last December 26, BOXING DAY for we Brits, the snow came down heavily and I was out in the garden with my camera having a ball.
We have several pairs of Cardinals who visit our garden daily.  This handsome boy didn't seem to mind the cold.

Yesterday, while coming through the arbor I disturbed a bird who flew out from the trumpet vine.........

........when I looked closer I discovered a nest tucked among the twining flowers.

What better camouflaged spot could there be to build a nest for  bright red birds? 

Loosely woven of twigs and bits of fabric and paper, I was so excited to see the three speckled eggs. 

I'm not certain the sweet pair of Cardinals who built this nest, and are awaiting their babies, are the same pair in my Winter garden .........

...........but they are certainly welcome any time of year.  This pic I took of Mrs. Cardinal shows off her beautiful colors with the snowy background.

Cardinals, although shy, enjoy backyard feeders and make several trips a day to feed, especially when oil-type sunflower seeds are offered.  A pair generally forms a long-term bond that extends across the years, rather than only during the mating season.  The female lays two to five spotted eggs.  
Hopefully I'll see them hatch before I leave for England.  
Do you live where these beautiful birds visit?


  1. What stunning photos! And lucky you with the nest! 2 years ago we had a hummingbird nest and we were on "egg watch" until we saw the 2 of them leave the nest for was wonderful!

  2. What wonderful photos Mary! How fun that they have a nest there.

    Yes, we have cardinals at our feeder. They are so pretty.

  3. We have a pair of Cardinals that hang out on our property. I love them! I think there's nothing prettier than seeing that splash of red amidst the winter snow.


  4. So, it seems you have guests staying at your place......

  5. Stunning birds and super photos Mary.
    I dunno when you're 'coming home' other than it's soon. Just in case I miss your last post before you leave I hope you have a safe journey.
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  6. What a great job of camouflage the cardinals did. We have mostly cardinals, wrens and blue jays here.

  7. Beautiful Photos - Love them - Cardinals are so gorgeous !!!!

  8. Mary, these are beautiful pictures! I'm so glad you found the nest to capture pics of the eggs and hope you get to see them hatch. There are cardinals here in N.B. now which kind of proves there is climate change going on as they have been coming for a few years now. I had a female at the feeder a few years ago and I know people down the road who have pairs of them. I have never seen a male, even when we were in Kentucky! Have a great day. Pamela

  9. OH Mary these are my favourite birds!!! If you feed them all year they will never leave!
    When i lived in Niagara Falls i had them all the time! I love them and their songs!!
    Sadly they are not on Vancouver Island!!!
    Yes they mate for life too! It is also a good idea to have a wild spot for them in the yard like brambles to hide from predators.
    Love love the photos!!

    Pamela xo

  10. These are fantastic pictures, Mary! I hope you can get a picture of the little babies when they hatch!

    I love your pretty arbor...the trumpet vine is gorgeous!


  11. Beautiful pictures. I see them sometimes and have finally learned to identify their calls.

  12. Oh Mary... I love your pictures (of you always take beautiful pictures) and yes we have lots of cardinals. I love to snap pictures of them each chance I get:) We haven't seen any nests around here yet...but keep praying for one!

    xoxo Gert

  13. Beautiful photos Mary. We feed to attract cardinals in winter and so does our next door neighbor. We always have lots of them. They are a joy to watch and are amazing with the background of snow.

  14. Hello Mary, thank you for your visit and Happy Easter wishes. I was in California for nearly a week without my computer. I am trying to catch up with everyone today. I came home Tuesday late and to Bill with the flu. Sigh! He is feeling better now.

    Your green post and your cardinals nesting are awesome posts. Your yard is so pretty and the photos of the cardinals are gorgeous. You have mastered your camera Mary. I envy your wonderful photography skills. I need to learn more about my camera.

    When are you going to England? I think soon. I know you will have a wonderful time.

    Have a happy evening.
    Love, Jeanne

  15. Cardinals always look so beautiful against the snow. Wonderful that you found the nest and know that you will have new ones for the winter again!
    Take Care,


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