Saturday, April 23, 2011

Prettiest Peonies...............

In my last post I shared my roses, today the spotlight is on the peonies. 

How beautiful the herbaceous peonies are.  Because my Mother grew the most amazing ones in our English garden, huge plants covered in gigantic pink and white blooms, they are probably my favorite flower in the Spring border.  Lovely flowers have a way of making memories.

These are my pink ones, opening this week, and being rained on this morning as I write this post.

Peonies can live to be 100 years old........and still produce flowers.

Flowers really do intoxicate me.
~~~Vita Sackville-West~~~

I've just returned from our nearby Farmers' Market, now open for the season.  Grabbed rain jacket, squashed on a hat, pulled on ankle boots and rolled up jeans, then trotted off in search of healthy foods.  Did a little chatting with farmers I know from previous years at the market. Discovered a source for fabulous organic just-picked arugula, grabbed a bag to add to my daily salad.  Added a dozen of the usual pretty new-laid eggs from Cedar Rock Farm.......and splurged on a loaf of lo-carb protein bread from the Great Harvest Bakery I'm off now to enjoy my first slice of toast in over three weeks (still on Atkins!) for breakfast.

Do you shop and support your local farmers?  How close are you to an outdoor farmers' market?  Would you drive several miles to reach one even though gas prices are so high?


  1. Your peonies are stunning! I love peonies! Wish we had a farmer's market here, I would be there like a flash.
    Enjoy your day!!


  2. I love peonies too - they hate being moved don't they? I have a deep red one but I adore that pale pink and must look out for one.

  3. Loved your peonies and hope to plant some this year. I go to the local Curb Market and buy what is in season when I can. It's not far away so doesn't cost much gas. Have a Happy Easter.

  4. Mary, peonies are one of my favorite flowers. Your delicate pink blooms are calling out to me. Can't grow them here, but I think a trip to the market to buy a few stems is on my agenda today. ;-)
    Yes, we shop the local farmers market. There are several here in town, none exactly close. I have friends who drive across town once or twice a week just to buy from the local farms. Many of the restaurants in town also buy from the local farmers.
    Hope your day is filled with pleasure, my friend.
    Hugs ~ Sarah

  5. In Finland peonies bloom in july. how beautiful is your garden Mary. I just finished reading the Forgotten Garden book by Kate Morton, i loved it! My new intrest is woodland garden; at the moment i am creating one at my parents yard.

  6. Your peonies are so beautiful. There is a farmers market in the city about 20 mintues away that is open every Saturday all year long, however there won't be any truly fresh local produce until mid summer. There is a huge Mennonite farm up river that grows fresh produce in greenhouses and bring to the market too. Enjoy your bread and other goodies. Have a blessed Easter. Pamela

  7. Your peonies are beautiful Mary. They are one of my favorite flowers.

    Yes, we do visit our local farmers market, as well as grow our own veggies. We don't have room to grow everything we like so we get the extras at the farmers market. Ours is about 10 minutes away from us.

    You asked if the birdhouse I entered into the contest was going to be for sale. Yes, it is after I get it back. It is currently on display in the lobby of the Grove Park Inn. It will be there thru May 8th.

    Happy Easter...give Bob our love.

  8. Is there anything more beautiful that a huge bouquet of peonies in the entry hall??

    Wishing you a perfectly lovely Easter!

  9. Peonies are my favorite flower. I have two bushes and unfortunately, I've been gone for the last 3 years during their bloom time. Breaks my heart! Thanks for sharing your lovely flowers with us.


  10. The peonies are so beautiful with all their ruffles and what a delicate pink shading!

    There are two or three farmers' markets in town here though I rarely visit them. When I was till working I used to walk to the one downtown on my lunch break.

  11. Lovely peony pictures.

    Yes, we eat organically as much as possible. Have been working to support, publicize farmers markets and CSA farms for nearly 20 years, and happy to see more and more restaurants using local produce. Better in so many ways, and tastier, too.

  12. I can't grow peonies in Texas, but my mother has the most beautiful pinks in Wisconsin.

    We have farmer's markets and I will pay the higher prices.

  13. Just beautiful, they are one of my favourites as well, especially your soft, pale pink.

  14. SO breathtaking! Peonies are my personal favorite. Here in L.A. they are a rare breed - a whopping $12 a stem at some stores! They smell so wonderful

  15. Gorgeous! I had two peonies bloom this year out of 5 so I was happy enough that I went out and bought 4 more!
    Take Care,


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