Friday, April 8, 2011

DH, tell me you love 'em............

I'm back in the kitchen, not doing much cooking as DH is traveling a lot.  Also, yours truly is on Atkins, trying to drop those Winter acquired pounds before I head home and indulge in Devonshire clotted cream and strawberry jam on my teatime scone, naughty but nice! 

Will he like them?  Maybe he'll be mad at me! Practicality counts, and he's definitely a practical man, so he should be pleased.  He'll be flying in from Dallas this evening. He checks my blog - I'm posting this while he's in the air and can't use the iPad.  There'll be a surprise waiting when he gets home!

As we know, when life throws you lemons, make lemonade.
When life throws you French treats.......even reproductions, and you are gradually adding a little industrial to the classical............why not French chairs!

The Marais chair is a reproduction of the iconic Tolix Model A chair - click for the interesting history. Found in traditional bistros across France for 75 years, these chairs, which now come in several bright colors beside the gunmetal finish I chose, are wonderful.  Beautiful originals can be discovered, if you're lucky, but are very expensive. The chairs can be used indoors and out as they are galvanized metal. They are not heavy and can be easily moved around.

Our small breakfast area in the kitchen needs an update - the old, bulky wood Windsors were literally on their last legs. The table, which I hardly dare show you,(at present it's part of DH's home office since he refuses to remain 'retired'), will be getting a makeover.  I'm hoping to sand the top and stain it grayish white......anyone tried that?  It's perfect size-wise, the legs are farmhouse style, and to replace it I would need a custom made one because it's an odd size..........

...........and, last but by no means least, are these chairs comfortable?  You bet.........seats are fine and the backs are amazing as they cradle your back making you think sidewalk cafe, glass of red, nibbling on a few macarons from Ladurée..............elegant Frenchmen and fashionable Parisian women walking by!

I purchased my Marais chairs here. Easy online order - received in 12 days, sooner than expected - a nice surprise.


  1. The armchair version of those looks nice, too. Hope DH likes them, they're quite nifty.

  2. I very much like the chairs and I think DH will, too {you will let us know?} and I love your idea for staining the table in a light gray/white. it will look spectacular with the chairs!

    I'm on the Atkins, too! Down 10 and 1000 more to go!!


  3. The look really nice and should make hubby happy with your choice.

  4. I love those chairs and I bet your DH will too!

  5. Surprise of surprises, they are not terribly expensive! I love the look!

  6. I love your kitchen! It is such a bright, happy place! Carla

  7. I know that these chairs are sit-for-hours comfortable. Lucky you!

  8. I think Bob will adore them! I love them Mary....

  9. Hi,
    Your kitchen is really pretty, I love your cabinets. Your French chair is very nice, too!
    Have fun as you travel back to GB.
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. I love these chairs Mary!!!
    You have wonderful taste!


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