Saturday, April 9, 2011

Moving in the Marais chairs............

Well, he seems to like them.........but, like most men, making changes around the homestead causes anxiety when something looks/feels a bit different.  Plonking one's derrière on the same old chair for years becomes automatic - it feels the same so one doesn't give it a second thought. Then a new chair usurps the tried and true, and, 'ifs, ands, and buts'(no pun intended!)take over the conversation.  We did add sliders to the legs - this makes them glide effortlessly on the laminate flooring - and yes, the iMac will be moving soon to the upstairs office, well I'm praying that happens!

Don't laugh............I forgot to hide the dreaded scale when taking this shot early today............I'm on a sensible eating plan (if that's what Atkins is) and weighing in about every 4 days!  It's working, but I sure could kill for something decadent right now, like a Cadbury chocolate bar, or even a hunk of crunchy French bread with my cheese.  When you're allowed to eat cheese without bread or crackers it just isn't the same!

...........and the ugly black briefcase bag?  DH is off again tomorrow on yet another business trip, flying away and leaving me here to love my Marais chairs alone, and to start thinking seriously about the table makeover I need to get moving on.

I would truly appreciate any tips on buying a small handheld electric sander for furniture refinishing products. If you use one please tell me the brand and whether you find it manageable.....and thanks to those who left nice comments on the chairs.


  1. Hi Mary, I'm loving the chairs :o)
    Presuming you can get Bosch sanders in the US, I've had mine for years (£8 from a car boot sale) easy to use, all grades of the sanding pads available at all DIY outlets and VERY reliable.
    Have a great week, best wishes
    Rose H

  2. Mary, you are so cute! I think he'll love them! I need to be on Adkins, but instead I just finished off the sweets from a morning brunch. ;-) Bad girl!
    Good luck with it. :-)
    ~ Sarah

  3. Here is the sander I use and love. You can change out the sandpaper for different finishes. It has a dust catcher too. I got it at Lowes, so here is the link. The keep them in stock.

  4. For sander research, I'd go to a local hardware store or even a big-box and seek out a woman employee. Talk to her about what works well for a woman's hands and weight.

    The chairs look wonderful in place, and that's a gorgeous Hoosier you have there.

  5. Oh Mary - I think I should join you on Atkins, but I love bread so much! I'd rather have a really good baguette and butter than the richest cake. Cheese without bread just doesn't do a thing for me ...... but I should really consider it. Your chairs look right at home. You were smart to put sliders under them.

  6. Mary, glad there wasn't too much ado about the chairs. You are exactly right men have a harder time accepting change. I think because woman wear so many hats and can shift gears so quickly without thinking about it. I love your chairs!!

  7. The chairs look perfect, Mary, just as you hoped!

  8. The chairs are indeed gorgeous - as is the whole set up as far as I can see. Cheese is my downfall too - I could eat a whole block of it.

  9. I love the chairs, Mary. I have a little Mouse sander by Black and Decker. It works fine for me.


  10. Glad that he liked the changes! It looks great! Carla

  11. What great chairs! I am new to your blog and I am so glad that I found it!

  12. Love the new chairs. Oh how I could use some new chairs. What a treat and they do look sturdy.

  13. I'm sure Bob pretty much likes everything you do!
    Hugs to both of you,


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