Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring changes...........

I moved a few things about this past weekend to bring some Spring touches to the house.
Added this small oil painting to the mantel......

.............changed out the previous lamp base to this thrift shop find which I really like. It's heavy and aged, perhaps solid brass but definitely not shiny which is how I like it. Made the lampshade many years ago.  Framed piece of French floral tapestry, especially love the unusual shaped mat. 

I don't do much decorating for Easter..............other than my always cheerful rabbits, this pair are on the dining room table.  Every year, when I pull out the box from the attic and unpack them, I feel Spring is truly here! 

Thanks to all who gave me recommendations on small electric sanders - I'll be buying one this week. Besides my own kitchen table to refinish, I'm painting some small furniture items to sell in my booth at SuzAnna's Antiques. Distressing and aging with bits of sandpaper is not fun, I need to hit those edges with more power!   
  • Primer
  • Heritage White Paint
  • Sander
  • Tack Cloth
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Painter's Drop Cloth
  • Sunny, wind free day
  • Azaleas and dogwood blossoms all around............let's have some fun with old brown furniture!


  1. Love your style! Cute bunnies! Hope you have fun with your sanding! I am in the middle of sanding down a Victorian scrub top table with help of the live in handyman! Love your blog. Have a great week... xx

  2. Greetings from across the pond! Loving your bunnies a lot!

  3. Lovely things Mary and your spring bunnies arrived right on time.

  4. those bunnies are just so adorable! Easter is full of lovely ornaments, but these are one of my favorites i have seen.


  5. Love the bunnies. Your home looks so peaceful and inviting. Carla

  6. I just love, love, love the bunnies-they look so happy! YAY Spring!!

  7. Sometimes those little changes are the most satisfying.
    Your little rabbits are dear! I have a similar one and keep it out all year round - he just gets a fresh ribbon with each season.

  8. Love those bunnies. Your spring things look beautiful.

  9. Beautiful Spring changes, Mary!

  10. It all looks wonderful, Mary. I especially love the small oil painting on the mantel.

    I like your new chairs. I hope Bob is adjusting.

  11. I love changing things around when spring arrives. Love the oil painting as it almost looks like it could be over in Europe somewhere or England for that matter!
    Take Care,


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