Monday, November 26, 2012

The shore.......the familiar and the funky!

At Carolina Beach this weekend, late Autumn brought awesome waves for surfers.......

...and early Saturday morning, the group of surfers gathered below our hotel were having a great time.

photo via Jasmin

Plenty of warm sunshine for beach walking, petting 
the cutest dogs who are permitted to walk the 
sands off-season.....

......and for Jasmin to try on 'foam shoes'......
you know how we gals never pass up a chance to 
try new shoes!

Meanwhile, those into fishing lined the pier or
found their spot along the were biting......

....and the Carolina Blue skies just got clearer and 
brighter as the afternoon warmed up.

Along the boardwalk, and around the vintage, colorful, 
seaside buildings, Christmas decorating was underway 
big time on Friday afternoon.............

.............and, on Saturday evening, this fire pit was 
roaring as we joined with locals and other weekend visitors for 
a chat about the history of this North Carolina beach 
community, a destination for beachgoers, boaters and 
fishermen since the 1880's. 

Many seasonal shops were closed.............but the windows 
were still full of merchandise and waiting for March 
when they'll reopen.

Later, these chairs were set out and the Rudolf the 
Red-Nosed Reindeer movie was shown in the town square.

Always places for sale at the beach.  Any takers?  Loads of history here and the town is trying very hard to bring back the feeling of a true beach community by saving part of the original boardwalk, and revamping the old shops.
For me there are special memories.......Paula and I visited Carolina Beach in 1963 when we lived in Washington, D.C. 
It was fabulous and vibrant then and I would love to see 
it like that again.

No Starbucks here................but Ms. Janeen's funky 
little coffee shop across from our beachfront hotel 
became a favorite spot for a warming drink, the 
coffee was excellent......and more chatting with 
some colorful local characters! Bob, Jasmin and I 
loved this place.

A great weekend at the beach......and more to come.


  1. What a fab looking place, oh that beach! Took me back to HHI, last month.
    Your excellent photographs, as always, blow me away.

  2. Love walking the beach this time of year. Your photos are amazing, Mary. Jasmine is a beautiful young lady. Glad you three had some beach time together.

  3. Carolina Beach sounds like the perfect vacation spot .... should I travel that direction this winter ... it's a must see. Even in the colder months.

  4. Mar - made me remember those long ago days = wish we could just drop in for a day and visit them again once in a while. I have an 11pm flight tonight and tons to do between now and then, but i did love this post.

  5. Mar; i went back to the 60's
    with this post and so wish there was a day now and then when we could drop in on those good old days - wouldnt' that be fun? Off soon to see a new country and a dear old one, and so wish i could get some coconut ice cream at Jim Thompsons, but not stopping in Bangkok, just flying through to Chiang Mai.

  6. What beautiful pictures of this gorgeous beach! I have only heard of and been to Myrtle Beach and didn't know about this one which look a lot nicer to me. That would be a very enjoyable day. Jasmin is a beautiful girl. Enjoy the week! Hugs, Pamela

  7. I just know Jasmin took the pictures of those cute boys walking!! hehehe! Can't wait to see you on Thursday!

  8. Thanks for the quick trip to the beach. I'm in the middle of putting up Christmas and I stopped to read a few blogs - yours is always a treat.

  9. Oh what a lovely weekend! Someday I'll find my little place by the ocean... but I'll just keep dreaming of warmer weather and coffee breaks with wonderful friends. :) Looking forward to seeing you soon dear! Love, Vanessa

  10. A walk along the shore is so beautiful. And to hear you say it was warm - I'm jealous. What a lovely time you had.

  11. You are always doing something fun and adventurous. Sounds like a lovely time was had by all. I just saw the sunset camel ride at the bottom of your blog -- what a great photo. Best wishes, Tammy

  12. you certainly captured the spirit of the beach with your fabulous pictures - glad you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend!! Jeannette

  13. What lovely colors in the photos here. My favorite thing is Adirondack chairs by the sea and this was special. Loved seeing your photos at the beach and makes my heart want to be there.


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